Monday, October 29, 2007

"Chester Chester he's a molester"

my weekend was cool.

saturday...i didn't do nothing... finally cleaned up my house... it was much needed.

Sunday, I went to the laundry. I think the laundry should be upgraded to the chore I hate doing the most, bringing washing dishes to second and taking out the trash to third.

Anyways, I was putting my clothes in the dryer and I saw this fine specimen of a man walk in... I mean yeah. I had that "DAAAAMMMNNN" look on my face...the man was gorgeous. "With Brown Cocoa skin and curly black hair its the way he looked at me the gentle loving stare..." A little Ce-Ce started to play when I saw him. LOL

Well I gave them "Bling" smile and he grinned back.. And SO I went about with my now most hated chore. As I'm taking the towels out he comes over to where I am and begins helping me fold them... Now normally I would gone into chung foo ninja mood because #1. He was touching my shit and #2. he was folding wrong (I do a two fold then a roll he was doing a four fold and no roll... I'll have to teach him later). But I was impressed with his boldness I talked to him for a while and he came across uber sweet. Great smile. twinkling eyes... just dreamy. He helped me carry the laundry to the car. Goofed around with My a bit (which I was watching very carefully...) Once I buckled My in to the car. He gave me a hug...? Is that okay? Are you supposed ot hug people you just met maybe an hour ago? It was nice and I felt like I knew him; but I dont' know maybe I'm just old school. Speaking of old....

Guess how old the "man" turns out to be once I got home and he called me. I'm too embarrassed to say...I mean he's legal but barely... just a "few" years older than buying cigarettes and playing lotto.



Thats hilarious, damn i wish it was that easy to meet men in Miami - you gotta get stupid drunk before somebody gets the balls to talk to you around here.. ..

Philly's Andrea said...

I've decided to tag you, so your it. Check my spot to find out how to play.