Thursday, November 01, 2007

life is a beautiful struggle....

In the true spirit on halloween I dressed up... fabulously I might ad... looka here at foxy brown working her magic:


Actually, this pic is from last year, but I wore the exact same thing this year...welll I didn't wear the booty shorts this year...but I was still hot...

I won second prize in competetion at work. $30 and two movie tickets. SO I sorta thought I was fly. After work My went with bigsis and her kids trick or treating (as usual). She was a princess, of course. I would post a pic, but I'm to sure about it...mybe after I think about it some. She was cute though... my love! SHe told me halloween morning, "mommy, you gon wear your hoochie mama boots today?" The boots I had on were to my knees, white leather with fur.

Since My was off with bigsis. I went with Sonystudios, her boyfriend timmypoo, his brother and his friend to an amusement park.. It was cool. Not as scary as Knotts scary farm...but fun!

That's it...

That's $110 at work this week alone...Iwon the pool for when my co-workers wife would have their baby ($80). So I'm having a great week so far:

1. met a young boy that thinks I'm fly

2. won 110 at work

3. went to an amusement park

4. what i did last nigt with crazyc after i got home from the amusement park

5. I have the most intelligent child in the world.

6. life is beautiful.

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