Tuesday, November 26, 2013


My momma.
I paid for her to come here to California. A little pissed off that my sister and uncles  said they would help with the fare but ain't nobody said nothing to me about this $345 credit card bill I just paid. Anyways. 

I'd talked to my mom one night and she was crying and saying she gives up on life. So I brought her a plane ticket to  Cali. Her state doesn't pay state tax so their free insurance sucks dick and obamacare hasn't kicked in yet sooooo I brought her here for treatment. And as all Californians know, our insurance is the shit.

She came here, was here 24 hours had full coverage medi-cal saw a doctor and had an appointment with an oncologist. 

Within the week we found out she's stage one, will have surgery (after she gets her blood pressure under control). Her tumor is so small and neat the doctor said she will have a lumpectomy and may not need to have chemo.... Just radiation. 
Praise god. 

Did I tell y'all that Im lightweight falling in love with someone? Lightweight. 

I meet him when I went out with my girls 23 weeks ago. He was out with his sister for her birthday. We danced, then stepped outside to the patio and talked. I met his sister and we three laughed. My girls bitched at me for leaving the crew ( cause we dont play that loosing one person at the club crap. 

We've been talking ever since. He's met my friends I've met his. He's met my mom.... Not intentionally but she was here so...

He's over 35 ( I'm 32 if you've forgot). He didn't grow up in my hood but in SoCal. He was working two jobs... A slipshift with a partime in between. He got a promotion at the split shift so he quit the part time. He has a son.... He's a great dad. His parents are still married and he has dinner with them every friday. He's outgoing and fun. And funny. and silly and sweet. He is so sweet. He's 6'3, light skin, freckles, wears a fade, and is cute to me in a unique way. 

Out first date was at a bar in a casino.... It ended up lasting until 4am. 

This week he broke his phone. Of course, I didn't know. So I'd texted him a few times with out knowing why he wasn't responding. I was pissed.

Then Saturday night I'm in bed with my mom playin on my iPad and my nephew tells me there's a man at the door... Guess who? My new red boned freckled boo. 

Yep. He came by with out calling. Rather bold and presumptive. Especially, since we haven't officially  said we're exclusive. Especially, since I am/was fooling around with the idea of dating this 26 year old but....I have since moved on.

Something  about that... That confidence that I can come girl this woman's house without calling and no one will be there..... Turned me on tremendously. Like  I feel even more of a sweet spot for him. 

he's told me on numerous occasions that he wants to be married, with more children( I sorta get nervous about that)... But something about my mom being sick makes me want to have another baby. I know its crazy bit i do. I want another baby.... I know its stupid. And I'm sleepy. Ttyl


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Karenne Brown said...

I've been praying for your mom. I'm glad they caught it early.