Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Black out

Ok so I am an adult and I spend my entire day being a grown up doing grown up crap...so when i go home i like to watch the most ridiculous televison programing that i can. case in point:

- I watched the most hilarious episode of southpark last night...i don't know if it was new or old or what but vh1 and i laugh.... It had a character named Mr. Quermo and he was slapping every body.... oh it was so hilarious....I'm laughing right now.

-i am addicted to the dumbness that is "real chance at love". the women cry every 5 seconds. the boys are crazy, both of them... clearly they are a mess! ... what, please tell me, is going with the so called "brother"? he's like a black fairy prince or something!

- the nonesense that is the housewives of the atl... or what ever it's called....drama drama drama. i promise it's like junior high school.

-my other favorites are snapped, forensic files, anything on hgtv and tlc


Lil Honey B said...

You like all the shows that I like. ATL Housewives is on point. Did you see the finale? It was really good.
Snapped is my guilty pleasure.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yep u grown, but how can u look at stuff like that and have a great weekend

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

You just reminded me that I've been missing my shows! I missed the damn finale of ATL Housewives. Dang it! Missed last weeks episode of Real Chance @ Love. I'll make it up tonight. And you right, them girls are seriously in need of something but it aint Real or Chance (think Jesus!).

Dont feel like cuz you're grown you cant enjoy yourself watching others make a fool of themselves. Shit we gotta find entertainment some where.

Chris said...

I gotta watch Chuck, Fringe, Heroes, Dexter and Californication...best shows on tv right now.

Kenya Says said...

Real Chance At Love...I'm sure it's probably just me but they just seem gay...like for real gay...Real more so than Chance...I could see Chance with a woman but Real - I dont know man! lol...maybe it's the long hair- but then the way he dresses too- I'm not feeling it... :o)