Wednesday, November 12, 2008


- one of female coworkers who is asian and mexican says to me "jane you look bootylicious today." torn between saying 'tramp, stop trying to steal my culture' and saying 'thaaaannnnnkkkk you!" so instead. I slapped my self on the butt and said "hhheeeyyyy!"

-i have the cutest picture of vh1 and i that i soooo want to post on the blog but i promised him i wouldn't so i won't...but dang i wish i didn't decide to be so honest.

-i just signed my kid up for sylvann learning centers for reading tutoring. she needs a little extra confidence.

-how come they don't have video shows? there used to be shows that showed music videos on we're stuck wit nonesense shows that put artist like lil wayne on a pedastal.

-nelly is one fine asssss man. um um um...i wanna put my tongue in his mouth.

- the average wholesale price for a bottle of 100 count viagra 100mg is $1563.28

-i keep having nightmares about having a baby born with no ears....what's that mean?

- this relationship with vh1 is like a Faith Evans song... i just love it

-say a little prayer for my mom she has three benign tumors....she's having surgery this week

- i need to have my kidneys checked...i have a dull pain that is there but doesn't hurt on both sides. it might be a uti but i don't need to pee, and i drink water like it's going outta style. i dunno...

-my toes are tooo cute this week.

-i met vh1's sister this weekend she is too cute. she's short and round. but it's a cute little round... her hair is in a really hip bob.. and she has the prettiest little face....wierdest thing is she's dark skin... like the same color as me! i didn't expect that, even though his brother is dark skin...I just didn't expect the sister to be.... hmmmm

- my nails are alwyas dirty. help!

- my scalp is sooo dry it's dumb.

-doesnt' president obama and his family make you hace faith in the american family as a unit again?

outie 5000


Nina said...

good response...


Sha Boogie said...

I want to comment on everything else you said -- but I'm stuck on 'outie 5000' LOL!!

Why did you bring me back to the mid-90's with that?

Gurl, bye!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

nothing like an oiled scalp, a woman can have her way with me doing that and wish i could see how bootlish