Friday, October 03, 2008

Thank God it's Friday!

Why is everyone sleeping on this CD that Al Green came out with in May?
It is the business! I had to put it on last night after my child got my blood pressure raised last night. Talking in class and writing her name in crayon on her desk.... I wanted to stomp her out! Who she think she is? She ain't got no job....writing her name on stuff! OUTRAGEOUS!

Here I got again getting in stitches about it.

This is one of my favorite songs on that Al Green CD called "Take your time" a duet with Corrine Baily Rae....It's freeaking delicious.

Just you take your time
Ooh, just you take your time

Do you remember when
We used to take our time
You'd write me a letter baby
And I'd wait for you all night
Oh watching(?) everyone rushing around
Including you and I
I want to take a little time
Just to fall in love again
Cuz they're telling me

Just you take your time(you know I will baby)
Just you take your time

When I think about yesterday
Everything was easy
Everything was okay
Now, now, now(?)
Now everything is going fast
You're the best thing I ever had
Oh I'm losing you
Oh make me, make me, that would make me
Feel so bad
Help, would you help me say it

Just you take your time
Just you take your time
Sing low and take it slow
I'm inclined to agree
Because ain't nobody living
Can try to hurry me(Ohh)

Just you (just yeah) take your time
Just you take your time (Oh ooh)
Just you take your time (no need to hurry baby)
Just you take your time
Just you take your time (Ooh yeah, there's no rushing me baby)
Just you take your time (all the time in the world)

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

that preface killls me when folk say thit i respond u just did lol

nice verses maam