Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Art of LOVE.

Love is being able to deal with:

- the fact that he HAS to take at least ONE bite of our fast food before we get back to the house.

- the fact that he LOVES being naked. If MY is not home, then Vh1 is naked. Naked cooking, naked tv watching, naked slow dancing in the dinning room ...NAKED NAKED NAKED. well I kinda like this about him, but it takes some getting used to...

- the fact that be doesn't put anything in a wallet.

- the fact that there isn't a movie he hasn't seen.

-the fact that he refuses to buy real CD's and DVD's

- the fact that the "V" in his VIP tatooed on his neck looks like a "U"

- the fact that when his hair isn't cut (which is EXTREMELY rare, he cuts his hair twice a week...and he needs it.) he looks like a tight eyed CL Smooth.

-the fact that he cooks EVERYTHING better than me.

-the fact that he loves Hot Topics. It's his favorite store. The t-shirts he gets from there.....

-the fact that he likes to bite my cheek bones.

-the fact that he talks to MY in a British accent. Why? I don't know! But anytme he talks to her it's in a British accent....He's got her doing it now!

-the fact that he uses a new towel everytime he takes a shower.

-the fact that he uses a new glass everytime he drinks.

-the fact that he is not very technologically versed.

-the fact that one of his friends, Charmin or Camera or CarpetMunch or whatever the hell her name is wants us to be buddy buddy...KMA! I hardly like that they are friends. I can't deal with she and I being friends. Female homosexualism is so fickle I can't stand that he's friends with bugs the shit out of me.

-the fact that I've never seen him in a button up shirt....oh wait once but then he spilled something on it and brought another one and I haven't seen it since.

-the fact that he is MAKING me fall in love with him. All the time I have spent pretending to be in love and he comes in and makes me feel like I sleep on fluffy clouds carried by little angel babies through the night.


Chris said...

Awww, you are such a gay! Yeah, being in love is super dope, and you know you are in love when you start doing cheesy things like buying matching sneakers and posting pictures of everywhere you all go Liz.

j/p, but for real, being in love is one of the best things I've ever experienced.

Nina said...

jen's a schlub in lub...cute!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i love all the way or not at all this is what i mean a penchant 4 commitment

and hope u dont mind but i blog rolled u

Eb the Celeb said...

i like men that like to walk around naked all the time... especially if the body is banging... hmmmmm

poison.ivy said...

i love seeing a great ass walking round my room....

love sucks!!!!!


Kenya Says said...

Ugh...this is only further reminds me of the chore ahead when I eventually find a new man....getting to know him and then accepting him for him....