Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thursday: I had such a great day, because i knew that i'd be off on friday. late that night after vh1 went out with his dudes, he came by. he was in such a talkative mood...i thought mabe he'd drank a 5 hour energy again...the man never speaks but he had me up RUNNING OFF at the mouth until almost 3.

friday: i got up and took MY to school. then came home and passed out. we slept until about 11. then we went to get vh1's hair cut and to buy some pre-mixed water for the male fish named charolette. (yep, premixed water! I am just that lazy!)
We picked MY up from school at 2 and went to Kabuki for happy hour between 3 and 6. Once we got home I made these cute little easy bake mini-cheese cakes. MY and I put a candle in one and sang Vh1 happy birthday. He was so excited/bashful...it was adorable.
He wanted to go out to the club. I don't particularly care for his friend that he was going with. I know him from another life (yeah this world is suppppper small!, the guy that hooked me up with my current apartment...his cousin) so I choose not to go.. Vh1 was cool wit it...so cool.
I took MY to her Godparents. around 9. Then K and I went to Long Beach...for some drinking...it was cool but I ended up getting lost... I was damn near tears. I was so afraid I was going to end up on some barge on the way to China...lol!
when I finally made it home after hours of being lost. I met up with vh1 and had siroln steak breakfast burritos at 4 in the morning.

Saturday- I woke up around 11 and cleaned house until 3. lol then I went to wash clothes. put those away then came home to Vh1...naked and beautiful still sleep! lol. I made some steak Kabobs, BBQ beans, and pasta salad and we watched a few movies and got drunk... I endedup crying(why I don't know) and we ended up at Jack-in the Box AGAIN....eating SourDough Jacks....ummmmm...

Sunday- We woke up early and went to brunch. I took him to shanghai Red's www.shanghaired.com it was WONDERful. I've been there before...Vh1 had not. He loved it. Their brunch is so beautiful. If I were to ever get married...I would want to do it there...right on the beach sigh.... Sunday afternoon I was soooo stuffted that I couldn't even breathe. After the food settled in I went to pick up MY.

Monday- I was off of work monday too so I took My to school. Then came home and laid in bed alllllll day. Around 2. I begged vh1 into putting on clothes and go to the Target with me. Then we went to the Wingstop where the post before this occured! lol.

Then for dinner MY and Vh1 cooked some of the most delicious tacos ever! lol

That was my weeekend...

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