Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inflamed love

Vh1 and I went to Wingstop yesterday (this hot wing place), he had never been there.

When the girl, that works there, found out that this was his first time there, she was OOOOHHH so happy to go get him a sample of each sauce for each type that they have to offer for him to try.

The girl goes to the back and brings out a little tray of each sauce. When she brought it over he tries to take it from her, she says "I can hold it" all sweet and sh!t.

Then he takes his finger and dips it in each sauce and tastes each sauce one by one....I swear I went insane. My head was spinning My blood pressure spike sky high.

HE was innocently, looking up at the sign....asking her which one was which....she was looking at him all dreamy eyed and sh!t. While I was standing there about to explode!!

Then when he got to the one called "Atomic" and it was sooo hot....it made him choke.... She gon say "Ohhh nooo....let me get you some water.." and rush off to get some water....I say "He don't need no damn water!" ...He raised his eyebrows at me and said "Babe I'm dying!" She turns around and looks at me and giggles like it was funny like she thought I was playing.

Then he has the nerve TAKE the water from her and drink it! ... I was so mad ... I looked at her and said "We don't want no more damn hot wings" and grabbed his arm and left...

I realize now I may have over reacted....

signed....a crazy jealous black woman.


Young woman on a journey said...

at least you know you are crazy!

Sha Boogie said...

you totally went crazy black bytch on him (and her) LOL!!

How you gonna deny the man wings!? HAHA!

E said...

hilarious. i think she deserved some 'tude, tho lol

Nina said...

she did.....rarrrrrrrrr

don't mess with jen's man!

Monie said...

LOL What did he say about this?

Jane said...

Journey: He know I'm crazy too. He was cracking up laughing at me.

Sha:I didn't even get to cuss her like I wanted too. He don't need no damn wings.

e: I wish you couldve seen this chic. She really was over doing it. She was putting the ten on the two. He might of took it as good customer service...I took it as BLATANT flirting...I'm getting mad again.

Nina: LOL my eyes prolly looked like I could've growled.

Monie: He couldn't say anything. He just kissed my forehead when we got in the car.

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Ohhh that was too hilarious! But you have to admit she as being extra freindly. Would you have gotten that same "customer service" had it been your first time? Probably not!

Girl, show em who runs dat there!