Friday, October 03, 2008

The flip side

I wrote some posts about the things that bug me the most about vh1, here are the things that bug him the most about me:

+ my nails are always dirty.

+ i always preface my questions, like "can I ask you a question?"...

+ i don't speak of our future in the definitive, for expamle I'll say "If we're still dating in December......"

+ i never take out the trash.

+ i don't want him in the kitchen when I cook.

+ i'm addicted to caffiene

+when I wake up he has to wake up

+i talk in my sleep

+ i wear a gangsta rag to sleep

+when i pay for dinner, I always ask him does he want me to pay, before I pay.

+i have text conversations with him.

to be continued....

1 comment:

Kenya Says said...

LOL- Girl you let that man sleep in...I too talk in my sleep...and clap and kick and hold my arm up as if waiting to be called on in class and cry and scream (nightmares)and have body shaking orgasms...(kind of like the last one though)

Seriously though-It's always interesting to me to hear from the guy what he doesn't like about me- it's usually something I don't even realize I'm doing or would think bothers him....