Tuesday, October 07, 2008

* raising one eye brow, giving the "oh shit look*

crazyc has been calling me.

at first it was flattering to me to. i thought...awwww he realizes that he lost a goood thing.

then it got to be a little frustrating because he'd choose to call me at odd times.

now he calls me...everyday.

i've tried, to be polite and suggest that we discontinue our friendship.
i've told him about vh1. i've explained that i am not intrested. i've remained firm that nothing is going to happen. i've try to be cordial.
he text me things like "whenever you two break up, maybe we could make a baby."
I 've done the cussing him out thing. I've done the ignoring the phone calls thing.

it's getting to be a problem.

vh1 is begining to question the hang up calls and the not answering the cellphone and the late night phone calls and erasing my messages quickly (yes, I have an answering machine)....Imean this behavior looks suspicious! it's what we lady's get buck wit niggas about.

he never questions me on anything i do...really cause i haven't done nothing! (very un like myself)

well this he questioned me about. SO I told him what was what.
Welll.... i told him what he needed to know. that i dated this guy off and on in my previous life and that we broke up months ago and that he won't stop calling me.

then he says, "where does he live?"
I didn't respond.
he says "If you want I could talk to him."
I say, "I got it."
he says, " you sure?"
I say, "I got it."
He says, "what does he say when he calls you?
I say, "nuthin much. I guess he's kinda lonely."
he says, "well what does he say?"
I say, "nuthing really. he's not disrespectful or anything..." (why when I spell respect I sing the song in my head first?)
he says, "I'll let you try to handle it; but when you're ready to get it solved let me know. We could have a conversation."

it made me look at him with a sharp eye....what's behind those tight-eyes that I don't know about. he smiled and then kissed me...but I didn't kiss him back.

hmmmmm...... the plot thickens....


Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Girl! Youknow you got a good one whne he offers to "have a talk" with ya ex that just wont stop.

My kids call my man daddy. A good thing cuz they daddy's aint shit. And he always tells me "Ah, call them niggas and let me talk to 'em. They just need to go head and sign over they rights cuz them boys are mine!"

So if CrazyC dont get the picture, let VH1 holla at him. Trust, he'll change his tune when he hear VH1's voice.

I still envy ya'lls relationship.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dont enable him if u let him go he should be gone
if he is CRAZY

Jane said...

Trina: Girl, Vh1 has to go in the other room when my daughters dad calls. He gets so frustrated with the whole situation.

Torrance: huh?

Liz said...

awwww jane! i missed you.. i have been neglecting everyones blogs lately just beng so dang busy. BUT girl... that is crazy about crazy c. that stuff goes from flattering to pathetic real quick with me... but i do think letting vh1 talk to crazy c will only make it worse. people always want what they can't have... it would probably make him more determined

Chris said...

I know one thing...if VH1 is anything like me...that dude wouldn't speak to you on the street after the conversation was over.

Sha Boogie said...

That's flattery girl! Sniffin back around you...tell him to kick rocks!

Jane said...

My horoscope for the day:

Someone is back on the scene, and they might have a hard time adjusting to the fact that you have much more power than you did when they first worked with you. This could create a power struggle, but only if they start first. You need to remember your position and have confidence in your leadership. They are the one who has to get used to a new situation, not you. So just keep doing what you have been doing and treat them like you'd treat anyone else.


Nina said...

very interesting.

i say...
let vh1 talk to him. it might also build trust there for him as well.