Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Picture us married, you and me F.U.C.K.I.N.G."

* I love that song by Nas, don't you?

* I have a stupid cough that will not go away. Prolly has something to do withthe fact that it was 99 degrees one day last week and 65 degrees the next and 55 degrees the whole time here at work.

* I AM FAT! I have NOT been working out. My day started on a bad note...with not being able to fit into ANY of my pants. I felt like a fat ass. I'm going to have to buy some size 12 pants. I'm threw with life.

* My daughter got a sticker in class yesterday. So all that tough love I had to give her last week (five pops on the butt and two days with out TV) paid off.

* My sister brought my neice over on Sunday, which sparked a conversation with Vh1 about babies....I thought he and I had decided on a timeline for such appears that he's been pondering things... I don't like it.

* This coffee I drank this morning has me with the shakes.

* Why has the bank not sent me a new pin for my ATM card?

* Why does Lotus notes jump to the front when I have a new email?

* My ears are ringing. I heard once that when your ear ring that that's the sound of you ear cells dying and that you will never hear that frequency again. I just read that that's an old wives tale.

* I'm sleepy...But there's really no reason for my sleepiness....go figure?

* I really am falling in love.
In a type of love that I really never thought existed for me. I really was feeling like this type of connection was not possible. But you know what blogger I am amazed everday with how much I've really grown. This is some new fangled type love. A love that has me dizzy and crazy and out of my mind and yet still so perfectly in tune. A love that I am not afraid of (For the first time). A love that I feel open and free and want everyone I know to know about. A love that I think about and appreciate all day. A love that is reciprocated.

* Vh1 made me scallops, rice&beans, and salad made of avacados, mango and nectarines for dinner last night. He fixed my plate , brought it and the phone to me and said "tell your friends!" I said "What?" he said "call your girls and tell them how I do it! They gon be jealous... They don't get it like you got it baby! You get it all day everyday"
Don't you love him?

* I need some new music!


Liz said...

YAY!!! i love love! me and chris are gonna have to come visit and double date... hmmm.. maybe that is extra BUT i am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for you!

Sha Boogie said...

I do love him! Reminds me of my boo who came to me last night as I was sitting on the couch, grabbed my foot and just randomly gave me a massage *sigh*..

Khoney330 said...

Awwww! Feels much better than being in love with love, doesn't it? I'm happy for you.


Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

I'm still sick! I might just have to drive all the way to LA to come see you two (sickening) people!

Damn, you Jane. Why cant I find me a VH1? Ask him does he have any friends. My man betta str8en up, for I have to go to LA and find me a VH1.

Let me go sulk in my own pitiful relationship. *tears welling in my eyes*

I still envy what u got...

Sadly, Tina-B *sniffles*

Jane said...

Liz: Hey chicadee!!! How about Vh1 and I meet you two in a city that neither of us have been to before! It'll be more fun that way! LOL!

Sha: Don't you love that for-no-reason-at-all LOVE?!

Khoney:I'm still in love with love...a learned habit from my mom...I've just learned to control my compulsion with it....well somewhat control it.

Trina: YOU are more than welcome to come visit! We'll make you waffles! Don't'm so nervous even sharing my LOVE with the world...afraid that the other shoe is going to drop...and a totally different man will be revealed...
*And he does have this one friend that we'll call A1!!! girl Fine fine fine! I had to pinch my leg while I talk to him to refrain from flirting!

Monie said...

Awwwwww, he's the sweetest!