Friday, October 10, 2008

"Misregard" it.

One of my customers always says "Mis-regard it" when I tell her an item that she wants is out of stock...I want to slap her face for saying that ignorant ass shit! And why, when I try to correct her, she gets all butt hurt...yet she continues to say it?

Any who...this got me to thinking about what else aggrevates me..

- when people say "pacific" instead of "specific".

-when someone calls me and I say "oh, I was watching a movie" and they keep talking.

- when I answer the phone here at work and I say "XYZ Drug Company, Jane speaking" and the customer says "Who am I speaking to?"

- when my customers ask me questions about things they are holding in their hands!!!

- when customers want to order drugs without the item number or ndc number or manufacturer name and they can't spell or pronounce the drug name!!!! how stupid!

- when my customers have HORRIBLE ACCENTS and they know you can't understand them but they get an attitude when you don't know what the hell they're saying.

-when customers call and just start ordering stuff... they don't even say who they are or where they calling from! I answer 200 calls a day! IDONOT KNOWYOURVOICE!

-the fact that EVERY Freaking thing I love to read (other than blogs) are ACCESS DENIED at work! I can't even check my freaking email.

-my wisdom tooth feels like I'm giving birth from my mouth.

- when people beg you to do something, and then get mad when you ask for further details...I WILL NOT blindly commit to anything ANYMORE!

-the fact that I've peed 400 times today and I have to go again.

- when people talk about video games like they're real life.

-when my jeans give me muffin top.

-the girl in the cubicle across from me plays the SAME freaking radio station and they play the SAME songs at the SAME time drives me postal.

-When hold music is that stupid song off the ice cream truck!! OMG I swear I could hurt someone because of that stupid song!

-When my neighbors boyfriend smokes in the stair well.

-When FRIDAYs go as slow as today has gone.


E said...

hi, who's blog is this? oh, mis-regard that, i see you jane! anyway, i came here pacifically because i have some prevacid here in my hand and i was wondering if you could tell me what it was for. also, i need you to do me a favor, and no you can't know what until you promise me you'll do it. alright, well, i gotta go, smoke break in the stairwell. tootles!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

wonder if u read mine and get the AD while u at work and what about skreet in stead of street

Don said...

Yep @ customers asking about things which clearly have directions. LOL.

I'm asked about forms and I be wanting to say: all I can do is read like you. And I'm glad radio's have now been banned here. IPOD city, for a minute.

400 times? Damn. Your system is CLEAN.

*sigh* @ access denied while at work. Don't I know what you mean.

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Po baby. My tooth is coming through too and its pushin all my other "good" teeth forward, making it BERY painful.

LOL@ E; just igg Jane sum-mo y dont you.

Torrance- that SKR prefix in place of STR is a doozy for Southern folk...but I feel you.

M Ayers said...

feeling you on this one, and feeling your blog. Stay sane!