Friday, September 05, 2008

"Wouldn't you like to know, just how it all began..."

I don't really have much to blog about. Nothing really interesting going on.
I'll tell you about how i met the fellas I've blogged about over the years...4 years to be exact

i was throwing my bigsis a linen party for her birthday a few years ago. i went to this reggae club called Dragonfly in Hollywood afterwards I was standing out side with my ex-best friend Muq. Handing out flyers. To the right of me, I saw this handome light skinned guy coming down the street and tried to get into "I hope he sees me" position. He smiled. I smiled.
When suddenly to the left of me, i heard the most beautiful deep voice say to me "Hello" I turned to meet this chocolate 6 foot, muscular man, with thebody of a God, with beautiful perfectly placed teeth. I wanted to pass out. At that momment in my life I had never seen some one so beautiful up close. The light skin guy, just happened to be his friend. before Ricroc asked me for my number the two of them went to the side and had a little chat by themselves. I never asked what they talked about but ...either way Ricroc came out the winner. I'm glad.
How it FINISHed-
After 3 years.We just drifted off. I spoke to him last at the end of last summer when he looked me up on MySpace.

i was 14. extremely nervous about having my first summer job. i was self concious. i had all sorts of hangups about being dark skinned and nappy haired (what i realize now is the case yall didn't knw). i was skinny and my knees touched. and i had a big forehead. the first week of "summer employement" was always spent in the community room going over the rules and getting our assignemt. i didn't know anyone. i was from the "otherside of town" the westside. where the girls are stuck no one wanted to get to know me.
finally i made friends with a guy who's name ryhmed with my real name. we were joined at the hip. he was friends with this light skin curly haired guy that dressed really nice. he worked for summer employment and lived across the street, from the community center with his grandmother and sister. i thought he was cute. he and i weren't really friends. only knew other through my friend who's name ryhmed with my real name. One day after summer employment was over my friend who's name ryhmed with my real name called me and asked if his friend could have my number. And thus began the tragedy that is Jane and CrazyC.
How it FINISHed-
It will never end. Yesterday was his birthday. He called me at 12:05 am Pissed off because it was the first time since we met that I hadn't called him at midnight to wish him happy birthday.

It was my friend Martinez's birthday. we were all going out to the club. Beyonce had just came out with that "Crazy" video where she had on pumps. so in true fashionistawanna be style I had on short shorts with white pumps (I'll never forget it) and as I crossed the street in front of my apartment building to get into my car. this tall sexy black man with beautiful white teeth approached me. We spoke shortly. He looked a little young. then he smiled. that beautiful God pinched dimple had me....sigh. later he told me he'd just turned 19. I was 23.
How it FINISHed-
After 4 years of on and off, I looked up his myspace and found out he'd gotten married and had a 4 month old baby all while we were messin around.

I met at Friday's. we telephoned for like two weeks. finally he asked me to go to eat. we set up the date. i ended up not being able to make it. the next weekend he asked if he could come by on his way his car broke down. the next time we could hook up he came over before he was leaving for vegas. we spent like three hours just sitting on my steps talking. he was late for his flight. he was supposed to be there a week. he came back home after three days, so that we could spend time before he had to go back to work.
How it FINISHed-
After 4 years, He called me last weekend, and I was on the phone talking to CrazyC, waiting for Vh1 to get there. He said "Ey... I'm coming by" I said "Sorry Sweets, not today." He says "Oh, so what you got some little sweetie now?" I said "Yeah." He hung up in my face.

I had on my halloween costume. My 1970's gear. giant afro wig knee boots...leather trench coat.
I was coming out a store on my lunch break. He was coming from borrowing products from the other barbershop. He saw my costume and said "Power to the people!" HE wasn't going to ask me for my number but I said "That's it? You're not even going to get my digits?" He laughed and gave me his card. I said "OH!!! NO!!! that's not how this works, buddy." I wrote my name and number on the back and handed it back to him. He laughed.
How it FINISHed-
I wrote a post about him about a week ago.

I was 18. I was friends with this chic that was nothing but trouble. we were ALWAYS together. She and I had met this guy at a club, named Tomas. He wanted to introduce me to his friend so that we could go on double dates. We went to his friends house. His friends mother was home and he wasn't supposed to be having company. So we all sat in the living room whispering and listening to the radio. The next day Tomas's friend called me...where'd he get my number? and the rest is history.
How it FINISHed-
After 2 and a half years, We got into an arguement. I threw his shoe. He pushed me into lamp. I socked him in the face. He was suprised by me socking him. He picked me up and slammed me on the floor, but his hands on my neck and started to squeeze. I closed my eyes and held my breath. He jumped up and screamed. I opened my eyes. He grabbed his shoes and left. The police arrested him. Forced us into mediation and anger management classes.

Blackplanet. we messaged back and forth for almost a year before we actually met in person.
How it FINISHed-
You've read the post....I'm sure. I asked him "were we in a relationship." he got scared...we broke up.

How it FINISHed-
Somehow, he became like my daughter Godfather...I dunno when it happened.

The day after SonyStudios babyshower, I was doing the laundry. feeling real good. Not looking that good. had on a summer dress a little to dressy for the laundry. My hair was cute but not neat, sorta rustled. I was carrying loads into the wash house.
there was a cute older Belizean man in there. He was dirty...not nasty dirty but I been working hard today the good kind. he had on a blue work dirty shirt, black slacks and boots... curly thick hair and he was washing work towels. he and i laughed about how hot it was .
I'd left MY in the car so she could finish the rest of her mango. i was watching her from inside so hard that i didn't see that the white mercedes had already passed by twice. the belizean man pointed it out to me.
When I went out to get MY and my soap. The white mercedes pulled around again.
A so-so guy got out. Light skin. kind muscular hand on a tight-ish shirt...not really but not baggy. His jeans were fit not baggy. his hair needed to be cut. but he was cute. He walked over to me and asked me for my number. I thought about saying no, since I was dating E at the time...but instead decided to go for it.
When he spoke he had an accent sorta newyork, la, country boy, might speak spanish mix.
I told him about E. He acted like he could careless. Kept right on talking. Called me the same night. lol....
And the rest is history.


Kenya Says said...

Wow- Catchacase was certainly NOT a catch. lol

Jane said...

Yeah I knew he wasn't a catch... He was mainly good for scratching an itch. If you know what I mean. His name was catchacase because he was so young and my friend used to tease me that I'd "catch-a-case" and end up in jail from messing with