Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I weigh 154 pounds.

I lost one POUND! yeah! Next week it'll prolly be a better number though....since this week I'm retaining a little water...

My waist is still 36inches.

I feel better. I have more air... if that makes any since.

I have changed a bit on my Less-Jelly roll plan

1. I've only been taking the women's weightsmart daily vitamin not the fat burners....they make me burp...often... like continuously....I'm too lady-like to have conversations like "Good Morning (Burp) how are you (Burp)? Good to hear that (burp)"

2. I have not walked MY to! Oh yea. MY got in trouble yesterday. She was talking while the teacher was talking. She got her name on the board. She was really was upset. She promised today would be better.

3. I have been doing my situps and squats.

4. I been doing my strip tease aerobics and my pilates Abs videos interchangeably; but I want to get something to make me a body bootie yoga.


Khoney330 said...

I suggest going to I love their products, I do turbojam. You will definitely sweat! Congratz on your loss! If you want some menus, you can also try

Liz said...

good luck mama!! i need to get on some sort of plan...

Jane said...

thanks khoney! will have to look the videos up! I did youtube a few videos I wanted to try and I decided on a hip hop aerobics for beginners, ballet basics and a 8 minute abs....the abs are really working you can see my definition already!

Liz you are super fine valentine..cut it out!