Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stolen from MySpace

I have been in love: True (I keep saying I'm in love with love.
I have dumped someone: true
I have been dumped: Tue
I have had a secret admirer: True....he calls me and tells me
I have had a crush on a much older person: True...Mr. Watson in High school.
I have slept with a co-worker or boss: False
I have been in an abusive relationship: True
I have had a crush on a MySpace friend: False
I have met someone because of MySpace: True
I have drank liquor: True
I have drank beer: True and I hate it.
I have drank wine: True alll day long!
I have smoked a cigarette:FALSE
I have smoked a cigar: I've had a cuban or two, but not in my real life... lol
I have smoked weed: False
I have thrown up from drinking: True
I have blacked out from drinking: True
I have taken pain killers: False, the strongest drug I've ever had was a T3 when I gave birth to MY
I have been suspended from school: False, I was expelled from preschool, though
I have had detention: True... once.
I have been in a car accident: True.
I have seen someone or something die: True.... motorcycle accident on the 405.
I have been robbed or vandalized: True... Car stolen, Rent $ snatched.
I have skipped class: True....of course!!
I have been fired: False
I have been in a fist fight: False
I have fallen asleep at work or school: True
I have watched the sun set: Yes... the other day.
I have felt an earthquake: Yep last week or whenever that was.
I have won a contest: True
I have made a snow angel: True, I lived in Witchita KS for a bit as a kid
!I have been snowboarding: True...BIG BEAR is the shit.
I have been waterskiing: True...Florida is the shit
I have sang karaoke in public: True.... I was Beyonce....and Mary J and SWV and Tina Marie
I have been in a mosh pit: False
I have laid on my back and watched cloud shapes pass by: True
I have built an igloo: False
I have made a gingerbread house: True
I have made a snowman: True
I have been ice skating: True
I have flown a kite: True
I have had a tea party:True
I have built a sand castle: True
I have played poker: False
have gone sledding: True
I have cheated while playing a game: Maybe once....I love competition so I try to play fair
I have been out of the country: True
I have been on a cruise ship: True
I have been on a plane: True
I have had braces: False
I have witnessed a crime: True
I have squished barefoot through mud:True... Witchita...
Ihave swam in the ocean: True
I have felt like I was dying: True
I have cried myself to sleep: True
I have played cops and robbers: True...last weekend...wit Vh1!
I have played a Nintendo's the best game invented!
I watch American Idol: False
I have paid for a meal with only coins:True... the service was awful, so we spelled out "You suck in coins"
I have made a prank phone call: True... long time ago
I have kissed in the rain: True
I have written a letter to Santa Claus: False
I have blown bubbles: True
I have made a bon fire on the beach: True
I have been on a road trip out of state: True...TheColorado trip of 2000 WHOOOHOO!
I have been rollerblading: False
I had a wish come true: True
I have jumped off a bridge: False
Ihave gotten a speeding ticket: True
I have sat on a roof top: True...My first apartment, the top of the garage was my "backyard"
I have screamed at the top of my lungs: True
I can do a cartwheel: False to fat now
I have talked on the phone more than 6 hours at a time: True...I talk for 8 everyday!
I believe in ghosts: True JUST SPIRITS
I have gone skinny dipping: True
I have been inside a jail: False
I have jumped in a pool with all my clothes on: False
I have broken a bone: True
I have caught a fish.False
I have been asked to make a porno: False
I have mooned/flashed someone: True
I have been scuba diving:'s kinda scarey...maybe that's just me.
I have had a cavity:False
I have fallen going up stairs: True
Ihave been shot: False
I have flattened someones tires:False
I have been in a car that ran out of gas: False
I have had sex in a car: TRue...
I have had sex in a public place?True in a car.
I have lived out a fantasy: True.... the forcefully taken

1 comment:

Kenya Says said...

You've never had a cavity? Oh my goodness!!! And I've ran out of gas several times(in my own car)

And OMG I lived in Wichita KS too...when were you there...I was there from '91-'99