Tuesday, August 12, 2008

how'd I end up here? my work history.

Starting when I was 13:
my first job was a parttime tutor at a community center (where i met crazyc...)

my second job was at an elementary school as a teaching assistant, part time.

my third job was at the same place the next summer as a camp helper, part time.

my fourth job was at the same place the next summer as a camp leader, part time.

i was a member of this teen group (sponsored by a very popular Sorority), the teen leader favored me and knew my family needed some extra $. She was the secretary of the chamber of commerce so she offered me my fifth job, a partime position at the chamber of commerce as a receptionist at the mall.

After the summer was over, the job as a camp leader was over. But the position as a receptionist at the mall continued through the school year.

The President of the chamber of commerce liked me so she offered me my sixth job at her federally funded teen pregnancy prevention program, as a health educator.

During Christmas season of the 12th grade I got my seventh job (through the newspaper, my very first interview) as a sales rep at Express clohting. They kept me on part time after Christmas. but I ended up quitting when the President of the chamber of commerce offered me a full time position as a Manager at the pregnancy prevention program.

while working as a health educator, i went to school to get a certificate as a pharmacy technician. it was a bad choice financially, since i am still paying off those stupid high priced loans...but it set me up for later in life.

once i finished my 8 month certificate program, I quit my job as a health educator...actually I just never went back.

i started working at my eighth job as a pharm tech at a hospital, per diem and on weekends....

then i got offered my ninth job, a full time pharmacy techncian at another hospital, so i worked at both hospitals for about two months, then i quit the per diem job and stuck with the full time job. after working with the 2nd hospital for two years. i quit.

after two months of joblessness, i got my tenth job with two staffing agencies. they placed pharmacy staff at different hospitals or pharmacies when they needed additional staff...so i worked at SEVERAL pharmacies and hospitals across Los Angeles. the whole time i worked for the staffing agency, i was applying an interviewing for pharmacies at different places.

The hospital i was positioned in my last month of pregnancy granted me medical leave for 6 weeks exactly. when my doctor extended my pregancy leave beyond 6 weeks, the hospital gave away my position. the staffing agency then didn't have any new open positions.

so once again i was jobless. new baby and all!

for four months this time. no job.

two weeks before my unemployment was about to run out i got a call from a placed i'd applied for six months before. it was for a pharmacy technician instructor for a pharmacy technician school. I went in, interviewed, took the test and started working my eleventh job the next week. i worked partime and i hated it....at first.

i talked to the owner of the school and she transfered me to a campus that was closer to home but still far...and I was still partime.

I got a second job working at a closed care pharmacy-my twelth job (preparing drugs for nursing homes). I hated it. I told my boss at the school I was working at that she needed to make me full time or I would quit. so she made me full time. I taught a class in the morning and worked in the office in the afternoon.

After a year, I realized the school would prolly close due to its lack of accreditation and needed an out quick. So I got another teaching pharmacy tecnician at a pharmacy technician school I worked there teaching two classes. the afternoon and night classes. This was my 13th job.

My boss at the 2nd school quit and i got offered her position. so i worked as the program director and a teacher for about six months. then I quit and I got the sales position I have now.

NOW, I'm in my fourteenth job.
I sale drugs to pharmacies. I am who Walgreens buy's from. I love my job and hate my job at the same time. I feel like this is definitely something I could do for the rest of my life....but I constantly question, who's life am I living?

When I was younger I wanted to be in the BIZ. A singer, a dancer an actress. and now I'm a sales analyst.

Who hoo! It pays the bills.


Chris said...

sometimes it just happens like that...no one can plan every step...but you are being taken care of, and that's really what matters.

Monie said...

You have had a whole helluva lotta jobs! LOL

Jane said...

Yeah Chris I'm learning to go with the flow.