Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Wedding that never happened.

There's a grown up in the body of my daughter.

We were cooking dinner, lemon peppered chicken, rice and broocli. MY was helping to season the chicken, when she says to me,

"Mom, do you miss Vh1?"
I say, "I saw him on Sunday, so I only miss him a little."
She says, "When is Vh1 going to come live with us?"
I damn near choked. I say, "come live with us?! What makes you think he's going to come live with us."
She says "Well that's what happens mom. You move in, get married and then have a baby."
I say" What?!"
She says "I told my daddy that you were going to get married to someone else and he said he's fine with it. So you can get married to Vh1 if you want to."
I was stunned. I say, "Why are thinking about this?"
She says, " Because I want us to have a real family. With a mom and a dad and a kid."
I say "My, we are a real family. A mom and a daughter is a real family."
She says, "I know. But I want a mom and a daddy that lives at our house."
I say "Why?"
She says "Because that's how God wants it." What's she know about what God wants?
I say, "Who told you that MY?"
She says, "No one... but that's what he wants. So you and Vh1 should get married and then God will put a baby in your belly. A boy then I can help take care of him. A girl and she can use my clothes"
I say, "It's not that easy MY. But whoever mommy gets married to he will be a great person, who loves you and me very much."
She says, "Well I love Vh1. so that's who you should marry."
I say "You love Vh1?"
She says " Yeah he's funny and smart and he cares about you. I like him"
I say, "Well that's very sweet."
She says "He loves me too. And you too mommy."
I say "How do you know that?"
She says "Because he does. I saw him kiss you , that means he loves you.."
I say "Oh. I see. When did you see us kiss?"
She says " When you were at the park. you guys didn't see me looking." Embarrassment, flushed over my face. " It was nice" she continues.
I say jokingly. " Don't be syping on me!"
She laughs, "Well if you get married to him, that would be okay."
I say "My, Mommy loves you, God loves you and we have a wonderful family. So you don't need to be worried about who mommy gets married to. ok?"
She says "okkkkkkk mommy."

How old is this kid again?


Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Awwwww, that was so sweet!

You handled it VERY well. I wish I had a girl, but my boys are just as "smart".

Miss Jane, God is trying to tell you something through your baby girl. Listen to her.

Now I'm not saying to go jump the broom with ol' VH1, but listen to your baby. Remember kids are innocent truth tellers!

*a wink & a smile*

Khoney330 said...

How old is that kid again? She's very insightful. wow

Nina said...

toooo cute!

Chris said...

that was cute...maybe she is trying to tell you something...she could be...

Jane said...

@ undenieable...Be happy with your boys...girls talk toooooo much!

@Khoney she is only 5!!! BUt she holds conversation like she's 27.

@Nina, you can have her if you want..

@Chris... She's tryna tell me she's too grown for her own good.