Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family ties.

bigsis and i have been going through a thing this year. not really talking. having major issues. she's pregnant , getting married, and her boyfriend has moved in with her...all of this i had to learn from my mom...not her!

well to complicate the issues more she's been giving me major attitude, everytime i see her. like usual i've been ignoring her.

yesterday, she calls me on my cellphone in tears. She is in full on cry mode. She's 8 months pregnant and apparently her hormones have overcome her.
She starts telling me that:
1. she talked to my grandmother and my grandmother told her that my mom is mad at her; because she never called her to tell her thank you for watching the kids. -My mom prolly really is mad, my sister is extremely selfish and self centered.
2. the hospital she wants to have her baby at won't let her have it there.
3. that she's in a lot of pain and she thinks the baby will come early.
4. that she feels like the baby's foot is sticking out.
5. she's sad that she's going to have the baby and that her mom (my mom, we talk about her like she's two different people....kinda wierd huh?) won't be there and she'll have to do it all by herself.
6. she's scared and misses her little sister.
7. she's arguing wtih her bestfriend that is giving her babyshower (which is this saturday) because she's not following instructions.

I sat and listened to it all...and when she was done. I tried to make her smile. told her i'd see her saturday and hung up with her.


Young woman on a journey said...

that was really nice of you. perhaps this is a first step in a good direction for her.

Nina said...

awwwww...very mature.

Moody Gemini said...

That's all you can say. Got to wait for those hormones to get back right.

My family talks the same way...Your mother, your brother, etc...especially when they are getting on our last nerve.

Jane said...

Yeah I have to remind my self that I love her and she is my sister. And as she always tells me...we came out the same cooch. lol.. so...