Monday, July 14, 2008

weekend round up

friday: went on a cruise with NDN. a reggae party boat. Fun fun fun. danced. drank and had a ball. vh1 met me at my house after he'd gon out with his friends. we both were toooo drunk to try to get it popping so we fell asleep.

saturday: stace called me early in the morning (we're still friends!! yeahhh) to remind me about going to her exhusbands birthday party, that I'd forgotten about. so vh1 and i had lunch and went shopping for a dress that i could wear to the shindig. I went home and got dressed. picked up stace and went to her exhusbands party. i realize that my girl is jealous. she wants to still be married to him. it's sad to see it happenening and not be able to do nothing about it. I wanted to say "MOVE ON!" but I didn't because I've never been married. so I can't say what I'd do in her situation. We got there about 530. Around 8 I was ready to go, plus I missed vh1. this stupid party was cutting in to our time. I told stace I was ready to go but she was acting like she wasn't. so her exhusbands new wife said she'd take her home if she wasn't ready to go. so i bounced. couldnt stand no more.

later on: vh1 came by and we did our regualr thing. movies and wine.

sunday: sonystudios ( my pregnant friend who was due on Saturday and is now overdue) called me early. she said "get up, lets go get our nails done." I say "ok." vh1 was sleep so i tell him i'm leaving and will be back. he says cool. i get dressed. she calls me again to tell me she's downstairs. I hustle down the stairs and it's really her and her twin sister! Kinkos (my friend that went to alaska!) they surprised me... it was really nice. then kinkos treated me and sonystudios to lunch and mani's and pedi's. the twins met vh1. they like him.

sunday afternoon: vh1 and i went to the grocery store and to the video store, the 3 for $20. he picked out "there will be blood" I picked "Why did I get married" and we both picked some "semi-pro". so we spent the evening eating and watching movies.....sigh.


Chris said...

How cute...that's so the type of stuff married people do.

Jane said...

NOWWWWW HOLD UP THERE Chris!!! I didn't say all of that...ain't nobody talking married yet...we're just enjoying the momment.... lol

Monie said...

Sounds lovely!

Nina said...

you are we-ing all over the place...cute!