Monday, July 07, 2008

Lesson # 456: Respect your elders.

I got my toes done. This beautiful color called Ecentric Orange. It is so beautiful on my chocolate skin. I want to wear it everyday! I got a cute little design...Oh how I love them.

My little cousin Nu, called and asked to ride with me to the family function. I told her, sure. She drove to my house and left her car there.

We ventured out to the beach. The beach of couse was CRACKIN! We had to park like 8 million blocks away and the park next to the beach looked like a mini city. Tents and folks EVERYWHERE. you could barely walk with out steppin on folks.

We somehow found my uncle and his tent and our spot. Pulled out the Dominoes and cards and radio, drank some wine and dark liquor, laughed it out with my family. Then I ate some of the best damn BBQ ever. Oh, what a lazy day. At 9, the city of Redondo did fireworks over the wonderful midnight sky. It lightweight made me want to cry.

Friday Night.
Nu and I needed to shake our booties; so we headed out to this pretty well known hole in the wall bar in Long Beach. We were standing there in line and this hispanic woman with two little boys came walking up. she was crying and looking terrified. Standing there just shaking. Her boyfriend or abuser or whatever, walks up and starts yelling at her in Spanish. the oldest...or tallest of her little boys, stuck out his chest and got real buck with homeboy, yelled "get off my mom!" and shoves the mess out of him. The man then socks the shit out of the lady! Right in her face! blood flew from her mouth and she screamed like her jaw was broke. She fell to the ground. The security from the club all jump up and cover him, socking him beating the shit out of him. Then one of the security gaurds starts going off. Cussing and yelling and screaming at his fellow security gaurds telling them they need to stay out of that man (the man on the grown moaning cause he just got and old fashion beatdown) business. I mean seriously angry, like he himself was an abuser. It was really sad. The security gaurd was so angry at the others that helped her that he got in his car and left.

Once inside the club, I grabbed a drink (French connection...of course) and had a seat with Nu at these little stools they have set up.

This man, about 40 sees me sitting and makes mention of my pretty toes. I smile and keep it pushin. Not my type. Not intrested in old drunk men. He comes over to us. Talking acting like we old friends. I roll my eyes try not to make nice. Not my type. Not intrested in men who can't stand up straight. He goes on and on about his job where he's "in the union" and makes $23 dollars and hour" WHO HOOO!...Not my type. Not intrested in a man who lies about his income. Nu (23 years old), maintains conversation with the man.

I know what this is leading to; so I try to avoid it. I'm a old playa. I know this man ain't shit or bout shit. I'm not excepting shit from him, no water, no drink, no company, nothing. not intrested, keep it pusshin.

Little cus, likes the attention, trying to get something for nuthin. What all these young girls I see out there are about. Trying to get drinks. Trying to get money...fuck that! Always, tell my little cousins, have yourself. Have $ for your own drinks. That way if a nigga you don't like offers you can always say no. Oh, how I wish they'd lean there's no such thing as something for nothing.

I know this man is trouble and I don't need trouble right now. He lets me know his name is Greg. I squint eyes at Greg he rubs his hand down my back. I say "don't touch me." As politely as a comment like that can be said; but I knew later there'd be trouble.

I tried to give little cus the signal, but she was loving that attention. Drinking and feeding on that attention. Greg, would not leave. He tried to scoop Jane up all night. Jane is not intrested. Greg could care less. He stood near us the whole night.

Supercutie enters the bar. He's with a chic that was somebody's jumpoff. I couldn't tell if it was supercutie's or his boy in the orange shirt. I met eyes with him and smiled. let him know i saw him. it took him all night, but he came over. We met eyes and talked with them for a minute. Finally, he asked was I here with anyone. I say no.

Greg jumps in between Supercutie and I and says "Me." I say "No, I'm here with my cousin Nu. that's it" Greg says, "naw baby, you here with me." and grabs my hand. Jane's first reaction is fire first. but I caught my self. I said "get the fuck off me. you don't know me nigga." he says "my bad, I'm sorry my bad." He walks away. I'm still tense. Wanna fuck Greg up now. My anger is building. Super cutie rubs my arm and feeds me some awesome game. Somebody's jumpoff, the girl, that was in his crew was burning a hole in the back of his neck.
Greg comes over to me several times. Rubbing my back. Trying to continue talking to me.

Finally, my anger explodes! I start cussing this man out like I knew him. I tell him to leave me the fuck alone. Get away from me. Stop touching me. The security swarm me. As I yeild my drink glass at this man, ready to bust him in the face. I yell obsence obsenities at him. pissed off. If I could turn red I would've been red. My head hurt from my lack of oxygen from yelling so long. The security walk greg out to the smokin area. Where Nu, had been all this time.

I stand there being comforted by supercutie. being eyeballed by somebody's jumpoff. I calm down. When the Dj plays a hot ass Red Rat song (reggae) and I keep an eye out for Nu. Making sure that Greg isn't saying shit to her.

She comes inside and she and I laugh about somebody's jump off. I don't get a chance to entirely explain what happened with greg. As he comes over and is buzzin in my ear again. I yell "get the fuck away from me" Lil cuz, looks at me like I'm trippin.

I'm ready to go. I pick up my shit. Supercutie walks me to the door. drunk greg close behind and Little cuz next to him. I frown at little cuz. but wait till I'm out side to address my concern.
I pull her collar and say "yo, homeboy is trippin.. Why you letting him follow you? he is crazy. stay away from him." Lil cuz says "Well, when we were outside he told me that you told him you'd give him a ride home. He lives around the corner."

I say "WhAT! I ain't giving nobody no ride. No where. Especially not no niga. Fuck that shit. How he get here? He a grown ass man! He can get a ride. Fuck that no."

She says" well he think he getting a ride. can't we just give him one? Don't be like that. He's ok."

I say" hell no! we don't know him. Fuck him. "

She says "Don't be a bitch Jane."

I say "What did you just say to me?" And give her the look. That ok. you've gone to far look.

She looks at me like she's a little nervous and I look at her like if she says another word I'll slap the shit out of her ass. I would have too if she would've said something eles. She didn't. she was quiet the whole ride back to my house. I told her to call me when she got home.

She didn't. I called her in the morning and she apologized for her disrespect.

When well these young girls ever learn?


Monie said...

Man...your cousin will mess around and get kidnapped/killed/hurt giving random dudes rides home.

OMG, not wishing that on her but that is dangerous and scary...what was she thinking?

J, maybe you should talk to her...tell her she needs to get her mind right.

Sincerely Jane said...

Your cuzzo must have lost her rabbit ass mind to think you would give some random ass dude a ride home.

All attention is not good and she should have seen that since you had to curse his ass out how many times in one night. She needs to get her mind right and quick!

Jane said...

girl this little heffa nu is crazy. she is crazy. she's been hit by cars, and in tragic bizaare car accidents and she was raised by crazy momma in a crazy life....she even got that three dot tatoo on her wrist that means living life crazy.

I wanted to show her how to play it nice...but she ain't interested in that....let her do her... I'm done.

Chris said...

That is jacked up; she needs to be careful...she probably does that mess all the time.

jirzygurl said...

girl i give you props for waiting that long to cuss old drunk man out. that is so annoying... and your cousin is buggin...

E said...

i agree with everyone. your cousin was trippin offering your services to some drunken stranger that wouldnt leave yall the hell alone. thats crazy. also, i cant believe that man punched that woman in the face and a security guard had the nerve to defend him. what kind of nonsense is that? im glad he got his ass beat and i hope he got arrested.