Monday, July 07, 2008

I've got more of the "we" syndrome.

i was so busy today that i didn't get a chance to post about what else i did this weekend.

friday night vh1 came over. we were both uber drunk. so we fell asleep. on top of the covers....him at the feet of my bed, me at the head.

Saturday, we woke up around 12. And laid around. we did nothing all day. around five we got up took a shower (yes that "a" is the singular form of speech.. lol) and went to eat at this deli that i love in manhattan beach. then we went by his moms house for a second. we went by sonystudios house for a half a second and then back to my house for more laying around doing nothing.
at about 130am we got hungry so we went over to tacobell.

sunday, we woke up around 11. watched movies. laid around. did nothing. around 4 we drove over to the randy's donuts to get coffee and donuts. we got back to my spot showered and went to redondo beach pier. we took a long walk, then we played video games, and rode the tilt-o-wheel.... almost lost our lives....but had too much fun. we brought a $5 pizza from Lil Ceasars and watched movies the rest of the night....

I ended up getting to work late this morning. but it was worth it....

ahhhhh what fun.... sigh.


E said...

sounds like my ideal weekend, minus the tilt o whirl, i hate rides like that lol. mm taco bell. next time, save me a chalupa

Sha Boogie said...

Ah yes..the beloved 'we'.. when does that happen?!

I'm a we now too...are WE going grocery shopping? When are WE going to bed.


jirzygurl said...

congrats! "We" is a cool place to be :o)