Thursday, July 31, 2008

I need a hug.

1. I was driving to work and there was a water main break (due to the earthquake the other day and the water just broke through the surface this morning) all of us , intelligent people were driving slowly through the water as to not splash...when this ignorant old lady went speeding by splashing dark mud all across my freshly washed car!
Note: I did ignorantly cus her out at the next stop much for keeping my cool.

2. This hair that I brought is deep wave and it was sooooo cute when I first got my hair was bangalicious...This morning when I woke up it looked like a dreaded afro. So I combed it out and sprayed it with conditioner and it was cute and curly again....but it's turing into a big puffy afro...So I look like my hair is to big for my face.

3. I got my toes done last Friday and my French tips are starting to chip ALREADY!

4. I am feeling irritated with Vh1 and a text message he sent me yesterday....

5. I can't find a twin mattress and box spring, at a good price that also delivers... I want to surprise MY.

6. When I came home last night, I went out to my backyard to through out the trash and someone had stole MY's bike! Now the most effed up part of that you have to have a key to get into my backyard, theres absolutely no other way to get back there) so that means it had to be one of my neighbors.

7. I don't have anymore Belvedre.

8. I've been bitten by the insomnia bug, so I took meds to get to sleep last night and I feel drowsy this morning.

9. My left wisdom tooth is KILLING me.

10. I didn't reach my quota this month at work...I only got 15 and I needed to do 25.

11. The edges of my hair are nappy cause I need a perm.

12. I need to wash clothes.

13. I have NO food in my kitchen...NONE at all!

14. I don't get paid till next Tuesday, so I am POOOOOOOR!

15. I miss my baby.

16. I think I have a ring worm....ok, not really but I do have a dry spot on my leg that is suspect.

17. My house is a mess.

18. My desk is currently a mess.

19. I'm hungry.

20. I don't have any more creamer.

21. My favorite bra tore.

On the positive side:
1. The annoying guy that sits be hind me isn't here today.

2. I have on new panties and a new shirt....always makes me feel special.

3. I stenciled My's name on her wall last night and it came out adroable!

4. I loved "So you think you can dance" last night....I still miss Will though.

5. I love Monica's new sony "U deserve"

6. I am enjoying the soothing sounds of Dwele singing to me...(through my radio here in my cubicle)

7. My eyebrows are effing perfect today.

8. I made it to work on time today.

9. Four days until my daughter comes home.

10. My commission check is still going to be fat even though I only got 15....


Young woman on a journey said...

BIG Hugs from Me!

At least you can see some bright spots right!

Nina said...


Chris said...

I sorry.

Sha Boogie said...

Daggone thief! I hate people that steal - get your own. I just borrowed $100 from my mom to buy groceries, I feel your pain. An empty fridge makes me sad. I'm greedy!

Jane said...

thank you all for your love...i really needed it that day...i was a grumpy ole lady all day thursday and friday at