Monday, August 04, 2008

my weekend

as you all know I was pretty grumpy the last few days of the week last week. so i really needed to go out friday night.

stace called me and asked if i wanted to go to dinner, (i know i'm supposed to be loosing myself from our friendship....but because she has herself together this week i aggreed to go). we went to this resturant called of my favorite sushi spots. i usually go to the one near the beverly center mall but we wanted a change of scenery, so we decided to go to the one downtown. the service was terrible. pretty damn terrible. we ended up having to tell the waiter that he is terrible. pretty damn terrible. the food was fantastic as always.... so that was good.

afterwards we walked up the street to this bar called 7grand. it's a whiskey's set up to look like we're on a train...kinda like wild wild west style. real laid back chill type place. we had a really good time. stace and i had no conflict.... it was cool.

once i got home vh1 came over....we had a little bit of an early morning arguement. i was mad at him for something he did, that he shouldn't have done.... i don't want to go into details...but it pissed me off.

early saturday morning was spent with him apologizing....the best way that ladies should be apologized to. for lunch we went out to eat. then we went and brought the rest of the items to finish MY's bedroom...(she's coming back Tuesday goodness how i miss my daughter)

saturday night we hung out and watched the black and white version of "Night of the living dead" why did everyone die?

sunday, vh1's cousin died. an older guy. he had a brain tumor, so we knew he was dying it was just a matter of when. he went to spend the day with his grandmother.

i broke my damn cellphone. so i have no numbers. can't get and make any calls. im depressed.
i orderd a new phone today so i should get it 2 moro or wednesday....i pray!

since vh1 was doing his family thing; kinkos and i went to see the Mummy. it was aiight...
afterwards we went to this bar called 4010. it's like bohemian themed bar, really nice atmosphere... we waited for our friend j to come join us and he bitched we left there and went to this bar called the shortstop. sundays is du-whop night. they play all 60's type james brown and diana ross and the jackson 5 we danced our little hearts out! i'm telling you we had too much fun. played a little pool. even saw a girl we went to junior high with.

kinkos dropped me at vh1's and he brought me to my house....which meant that i only had about 2 hours of rest last night....but mysteriously....I feel great! we'll see how long that lasts! I'm off of work 2morro and wednesday so maybe that has something to do with it....

what yall do this weekend?


Sha Boogie said...

Are you gonna show us a finished product of the room??

Your such a tease! We want argument details, lol

Jane said...

He answered the phone right when it was about to be grownuptime.