Sunday, June 08, 2008

Update: my sister

so if you remember, my sister and I are not on speaking terms.
(hey smart guys, how do I link a post within a post?)

she's pregnant, getting married and the boyfriend has moved in and she chose not to share any of that with me. Matter of fact, has not spoken to me since January (I wrote about it already).

last sunday when i went to the bondfire, she called my cellphone. it was really loud so i let the call go to the voice mail. she left a message that said "Hi Jane, this is Bigsis. I wanted to let you know that I'm expecting and that it's a girl." the voice mail cut off after that.

I didn't respond immediately because ALL of me was so irritated by the message. You're only sister, actually you're only blood sibling and this is the way you choose to tell her you're pregnant?

so the next day i text messaged her: congratulations. i wish you all the best.

she writes: well i know you're mad but i'm here for you when you need me.

aint that some shit? tryna act like i'm the one orchestrating this shit?

minutes later my loud mouth pill popping aunt calls, telling me she's mad at ME for not talking to BIGSIS. I'm telling my aunt she got it all mixed up. BIGSIS decided not to speak to me.

I call bigsis, no answer. i text bigsis, I had to call her out on this shit. I say: stop calling around telling everyone how i'm not speaking to you. I went to your house and you didn't say a damn thing to me...even though I already knew you were pregnant.

she texts back: thought you were mad about christmas.

I text: wtf? I've spoken to you since then. I'm not the type to hold grudges, that's you. get over it.

she text back: well I am still upset about that.

I text: It's June.

She doesn't write back. I'm glad because whatever I had to say was going to include obscenities.
I'm sick of her childish bullshit. She's seven years older but I swear she's the youngest.

SO this Saturday, My uncle (that's married to my loud mouth pill popping aunt) had a picnic around the corner at this little park. I had prepared my self mentally that Bigsis would most likely be there.

She came much later. Stace and I sat on a bench with our backs facing them and my aunt and cousin sat on the other side. so when Bigsis came up, she didn't see my aunt only my back. For ten minutes she stood way on the otherside. Not until she saw that my aunt was there did she come to the table.

You know I'm actress right? so I turned around and said "Hi, How areyou?" I smiled a big smile. and she looked surprised. she forced herself to smile.

I turned around and let everyone finish their hellos.

my loud mouth pill popping aunt then decides it's her responsibility to "get to the bottom of things" so she says "Bigsis hug and kiss your sister!" I immediately get an attitude. I hate nosey ass people. And I hate how my sister always runs her fucking mouth. WHY does the whole family know we ain't talking?

My loud mouth pill popping aunt continues to go on and on and on. They knowI'm the crazy one!

They know I'm my mothers' daughter and yet she chooses to temp me. I am just like my momma. I will cuss anyone out anywhere anyhow. don't give a damn about the repercussions. my family knows it! and yet they temp me!

I say" Lisa, you always in everybody business. mind your own damn business sometimes. You always do that, let people figure things out on their own, damn!"All the shit going on in her life and she want to teach me how to handle my business? I need a whole other post to tell her story... I was so heated I could've hit her! honestly.

It didn't surprise her that I went off. My family know I'm a ticking time bomb.

I went off on her for about three minutes. Everyone just stood there. looking at her, not at me.
she says after I'm done. "I wasn't even talking to you. I was talking to bigsis" she says it real condesendingly (yeah it ain't a word but it works) I say "stop talking to me." My uncle watched the whole thing and finally stepped in "don't talk to your aunt like that" I say "whatever, yall know she always in somebody business" My second cousin comes over and tells my loud mouth pill popping aunt to leave Jane alone and get out the business.

My sis and I just avoided each other the rest of the time. It was crazy akward.

When I was ready to go. I told my aunt goodbye and she rolled her eyes at me.

she was high though she prolly won't remember it 2moro.

And so continues the drama.


Chris said...

That is jacked up...when I hear stuff like that, it makes me happy to be an only child...

jirzygurl said...

that sucks. i don't talk to my older half-sister either... her choice as well. and she called me out the blue then when i didn't call her back, told my cousins that she tried calling me and i never returned her call as if she was the victim. i am sorry to hear that though but i am glad you checked your aunt... it's different if someone is genuinely trying to help... but when someone is all in it just to be in it... that's annoying as hell

Khoney330 said...

Girl the drama! I hope things work out. Why is it, older sisters gotta be in a competition with younger sisters. I don't know if that's you guy's issue. I know it's mine and my older sister's. Hope things work out.


Sha Boogie said...

Ugh..i would have judo chopped her in the throat, lol.