Monday, April 28, 2008

unfinished business. an unfinished poem

Here we are again our bodies entertwined; My hand on your body and your hands on mine.
Sexy noises escape, us as we roll carelessly; allowing our limbs to hang Freely.
Unrestricted by matters of time or consequence; Uninhibited by our circumstance.
This is how it always should have been; the two of locked together in interal sin.
The light from a window reminds me of a younger us; we we didn't have reason to fuss.
An us of yester-year. An us of another time another place. How did we get here?
You're saying something to me but I choose to not listen.
Vocabulary is not necessary for what I'm tryna show you. Where I want to take you.
Let you know I always loved you. Always been here for you.
Never strayed.
I've been the background to some many of your projects. I Would've stayed that way for ever.
Put one hundred and fifteen in for you. Would have thrown it all away just for you and me. You keep trying make me hear what your saying but I'm choosing not listen.

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