Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Conversations...

Lets play a game. I will write a series of far out conversations that I have had in the last day or so and you will need to guess who the hell I was talking to.....ready ok lets go.

oh yeah, WARNING: my conversations are often blatantly adult in nature.

Guess who I was talking to:

convo #1.

XXX: Did you kiss him?
me: yes.
XXX: Did you do it to him?
me: no.
XXX: why?
me: wasn't really attracted to him like that.
XXX: yeah....
me: no seriously. i felt guilty.
XXX: why?
me: cause I was taking things from him and not really intrested in him.
XXX: did you at least let him eat you out?
me: no...
XXX: why?
me: told you wasn't feeling him.
XXX: if was me, you would've at least let me do that right?

ok guess....

and the answer is: ex-boyfriend. please click on labels for the back story. Man, the relationship between he and I, toggles between heated lust, my bestfriend in the entire world, to the person who frustrates me the most that I'd like to stab violently in a heated fit of rage.

Convo #2.

XX2: So I know your birthday is coming up.
me: yeah
XX2: you'll be 26, right?
me: yep.
xx2: man, you're getting old.
me: excuse me.
XX2: *****(nickname I hate) why you trippin?
me: don't call me *****
xx2: oh, yeah you hate that. you used to like it.
me: never.
xx2: ok. I'm sorry.
me: yep you are.
xx2: (laughs) well what you doing on your birthday?
me: well I took the day off. Having lunch with Flores in the morning then afterwards I don't know.
xx2: well, if you don't mind, I'd like to take you out for a drink or something.
me: huh.
xx2: that's if you have no plans.
me: (complete silence; due to the fact that I'd thrown up in my mouth a little)

ok, guess...

and the answer is....

My daughters father.... this conversation ended in my cussin him the hell out.

convo #3

me: hey you. what you doing?
XX3: driving to work. how was your party?
me: fun... too much fun.
xx3: sweetness. I am so sorry I couldn't make it. I promise we can do anything you want to do for your actual birthday...the 6th right?
me: (laughs) ok.
xx3: anything for real. what ever. where ever.
me: I'll hold you to it.
xx3: please do.
me: how was vegas?
xx3: great. i didn't win anything. but got some tight shit done to the car. i'ma bring it by let you see. i got sun burned that sucked.
me: sunburned? you didn't put nothing on?!
xx3: naw, babe I didn't have no body to put that shit on me.
me: did you put something on it hydrcortisone so you it doesn't get infected
xx3: no. I told you I don't know bout that shit.
me: it's your face!
xx3: I know babe, next time I'm take you wit me so you can do it... you know i gotta be babied.
me: whatever you need sweetie.
xx3: youa put some sun screen on me?
me: hell yeah. I love that face.
xx3: (got real quiet. waited about 30 seconds) I love you.
me: yep.
xx3: I just get a 'yep'
me: well you already know that I love you.
xx3: i gotta remind me.
me: I love you everday, every second, just like I breathe.
xx3: damn. I know it too.

ok, guess......

and the answer is....



Chris said...

Your convos aren't any worse than mine...but I'm more harsh. Is there a new movement out that EVERY dude is going down on chicks? I guess because men never collectively discuss it, I thought I was the only one...weird...that I just said that on your blog. I'm sure it won't bother for the b-daddy...that's just funny. If he cared enough about you to want to take you out, why can't he remember that you hate that nickname?

jirzygurl said...

lol @ chris' comment
and double LOL @ your convos. I think we all have raunchy convos with at least 2 people... Happy Belated!!

Jane said...

@chris, if it is a movement, than damn it, i'm glad to be apart of something

@jirzy not quite my b-day yet...I celebrate for a month... got celebrate all the days in my

Monie said...

Ooh, Flores...LOL!