Monday, April 28, 2008

Hello. My name is Superficial.

Hello my name is Jane, and I’m a superficial person.
If you’re not up on game about mr.niceynice. back track and read up on it..

What lets me know that my superficial-ness is out of control is the fact that I am able to just fly away so easily because I know I wasn’t really attracted to him. I’m taking a deeper look at myself. But really what’s wrong with wanting to be physically attracted to the man you’re with?
Wouldn’t staying with him, because I like what he does for me and waiting for a desire to grow, gold-digger-ish?
Which is worst? Cutting it off because I don’t like how he looks or staying because I like what he does?

I felt so guilty the more I spent time with him and the more I saw him building the "story of us" in his head. His eyes were starting to gloss over with it…I couldn’t sleep because I felt bad. I felt like a hoe-cake, taking gifts from a guy I don’t really like. So I ended the relationship.

Here’s a recap of what lead up to this…
First Friday, we went to lunch together. That was fine.
Then friend day evening he called me and I told him I was at CVS buying liquor, he was like "ok, I'm bout to come up there." WTF? He doesn’t even drink, how he gon help me pick out liquor?
So, He comes up to where I am I pick out which liquor and am about to go home. He's like "I'll meet you at your house".
I say, "well I have a lot of cleaning up to do, just hit me up later".
He's like "well did you eat dinner?" I say "no". He says "I'll get you something and bring it to you."
So he goes to Carls Jr then he brings me some chili fries.
He asks what do I have to do, I tell him. He's like well I'll sweep your back steps for you...I say ok... Basically he just coming up with more and more reasons to stay.
He was just annoying me more and more: Walking over my floor that I had I just mopped, moving pillows I had just arranged, sitting on my kitchen counter after I just cleaned it, using the bathroom and leaving the seat up after I just poured that stuff that’s supposed to soak, lying on the floor while I'm vacuuming, leaving his shoes in the middle of the floor… just irritating my senses!!!
Then I was like "ok I'm tired."
He gon say "can I spend the night."
I was like "I guess." Purposely giving him attitude. He didn’t catch it and laid down.
He tried... to get it poppin but I had to shut that down immediately...I was so turned off and annoyed I didn't want anything. Plus I haven’t done anything with him anyway… Friday night was not about to be the night.

Then Saturday morning, he left my house and called me soon as he got in the
car. Then called again when he got home. I just stopped answering the damn phone.

All day he was texting and calling and really annoying me… like a bee all in my ear.

Then Saturday night, when the party started he went to his friend’s party first
so the whole time he is texting me asking "what you doing?" Over and over! How stupid!!!
My annoyance level was to 45 by then.

The party started at 8 so people didn’t really start arriving until 10.
Oh yeah, I invited Barbershop….hehe. He showed up looking fine. Um um um...
Barbershop brought his homeboy a cute lil shortie.
Barbershop was acting a little monkey wit me too talking about he could only eat if I made his plate. Why I gotta fix plates at my own party? I fixed his plate and set him down outside in the back yard so that I could keep mrniceynice in the house.

Soon as I got back in the house, mrniceynice showed up. He had told me earlier that he was bringing his friend but he showed up alone. Which meant he didn’t know anyone except me and Stace. So he wanted me to be all snuggled up with him... The J-ster was not having it.
On top of it his pants were black with squiggles on them a damn mess. He hadn't got his hair he had on a hat and a shirt that was too small; which made him look shorter than he already is and fat instead of husky. Just not ok.

I was drunk and wanted to dance with everyone who wanted to dance with me. All my cousins and friends and home girls were trying dance wit me and he was hating on it.
It was tooo annoying... I don't like that crap.

At the end of the night my cousin J-nice, called me outside to talk to me about not speaking to my sister, which he thinks is the absolute worst thing ever. I introduced mr.niceynice and walked to the end of the block with my cousin. Mr.niceynice got pissed… started telling me I was "dissin" him… He had had a drink and was acting buck with me.

That was the end. I told him to go home. I haven’t spoken to him since.

Sunday I woke up to a house full of people. People everywhere in every room on every surface that people could fit.We got up… cleaned up…packed up some food…some ice…some water and drinks and went to the park…

It was hotter than fish grease this weekend in SoCal. This is the weather we always bragging about but dang….it is HOT out here…Doesn’t even feel like we still in America.

This morning Barbershop called me and asked me to come to his new salon. When I got there, he had breakfast made for me it was the sweetest thing ever.

His homeboy, that came to the party with him was there, cutting some guys hair. Another two dudes were there working. The lil homeboy was all smiles and stitches…Like the two of them were talking about this before I got there. Like they were excited about something. It was cute.

That's that.
Spoon stabs are ok, I'm comfortable with my decsions...


Moody Gemini said...

You gotta do what you gotta do. Annoyance is always a deal breaker for me.

Nina said...

Yea.If he'd been someone else maybe you would've thought it sweet or endearing. But, it was dead for a while and you were trying to hold on. You get an A for effort! And damn! Why the hell I leave you for the day and bam! POSTS! Loves it!

jirzygurl said...

LOL! no spoon stabs! at least you made a decision...

Monie said...

Dude...that would annoy me to NO END! I am not even mad that you cut him off. Sheesh!