Thursday, May 01, 2008

rainbow sherbert mixed with pop rocks...

* yesterday each scoop of icecream at baskin robbins was 0.31 cent for a foundraiser. so me and my lil chica stood in line about 25 minutes to get us 10 scoops (that was the limit). the baskin robbins in my hood, it's right next to a bar/nightclub...
so MY and i we're standing there and out of the bar comes some chic, fully loaded, her old grey haired dude holding her up...
she reads a sign that says "buy one get one free" and then says to me:
"I know you ain't standing in line cause it's by one get one free?" She's drunk and staggering. I respond by rolling my eyes. A hispanic teenager, standing near me said "no, it's 31 cent a scoop".
The drunk bitch says, still speaking directly to me out of the 100 or so people standing; "well it better be unlimited cause otherwise just go get it from the grocery store."
She had an uppitty swagger to her. A real Good-hair-bad-hair attitude about herself.
I replied "It's for charity."
She says "umph! well write a check and call it a damn night. Forget standing in line....I don't stand in lines...especially for ice cream" she throws her hand up in the air, real drama queenish.
I say "stop fucking talking to me.."
It stunned her and her sugar daddy...
She stands there, mouth open looking at me... I say "Seriously, don't say another fucking word to me.. " Her daddy-aged date pulled her own down the walk way...
Black folks! learn to drink with out acting a damn ass!

inside the baskin robbins they were playing the music loud and the kids were running around excited about getting lots of ice cream for no reason. and some old crotchy ass black lady walks up to the clerk ringing folks up and says "can you turn the radio down?" The chic already irritated because it's way more people then they used to in the store says "why?" The old wench says "because it's too loud." The girl says "no." the old wench says "You don't think it's too loud?" The clerk says "I'm not turning it down." neck sweiveled and everything... I loved it.

*I don't want to cook and who can make me!!! oh yeah the law says I have to give my kid three squares a day...dayum! crykee!

*Why is this

the only photo I took from my birthday party? I tried not to drink til the guest arrive...seems as if I may not have succeeded...?!

* my daughter asked me "what is hell?" I said "the opposite of heaven." she said "and heaven is where God lives." I said "yes". She said "so who lives in hell?" I said "The devil and people who disobey what God askes us to do." She says "like be nice?" I said "yes" and to not hurt people?" I said "yes" she says "I'm going to pray that God help me to be nice and not hurt people; because I want to live in heaven." WOW. I think she been here before.

*my neighbor is creepy as all hell... but his son is finer than a plate of yams with extra um um.

* Why did I stay up until 12am watching R. Kelly's trapped in the closet? Why is the phrase: "crazier than a fish with titties" the funniest thing I've ever heard?

*Why did I watch Ashanti's video on mute yesterday because I wanted to see what happened but I didn't want to hear her?"

* Eric where are you?

*THE GAME!!! please tell me yall watch this?! this is the best show ever! so much drama...loves it!

*I pray that all my blogger friends be nice and dont hurt other people....peaches!


thee modern isis said...

I hate when people get drunk and act a damn fool.

Your daughter is a very bright little girl, if only adults understood the heaven and hell concept as well as she does.

I LOVE The Game and Derwin is so damn fine to me.. especially when he removes his shirt.

Young woman on a journey said...

I love the exchange at the ice cream store. I'll have to try that one day.

Your daughter knows what's up!

Ashanti's song isn't that bad and i'm surprised she looked and sounded okay on the video!

Monie said...

Aw, My is adorable! Fedex her to me so I can babysit!

jirzygurl said...

ashanti sounds like a cat being drowned!!
LOL @ the baskin robbins story... that is ridiculous
thapped in the closet is HILAAAAAAARIOUS... matter of fact i need to go youtube right now

Jane said...

isis: Is the GAME not the most underated thing on TV or WHAT!

Journey: Ashanti is some forum of torture sent to turn us all away from R&B

Monie: You can have her! She has her shots and everything... I kid I kid!

Jirzy: That's how I saw Trapped in the closet, on youtube...are there really just 22 chapters? There prolly is gonna be more!