Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quickie. Updated.

1. my computer is trippin. it has some wierd virus.

2. went to vegas with kinkos and studios to celebrate their birthday....had a blast. Vegas is the only place you'll see a sign like this:

3. crazyc is moving to Nevada. We had one last hoorah. you figure out what that means....

4. flores wrote this song for me. we're supposed to make a video for it. we'll see.

5. Bwood is sorta mad about how he found out about barbershop...oh well.

6. Barbershop is cool...I wanna hook kinkos up with his beautiful brother.

7. i am super hungry right now.

8. i lost three pounds. then i gained them back eating in vegas.

9.My next pay check is gonna be FAT.

10. i love you.

11. I left out a picture of this box of gum I have on my computer that says "I smoke crack and I vote" in the last post....it's behind my daughter's school photo....I'll add it on 2moro.

Update: Here's the photo!!!

12. To my real blog friends: I finished one complete chapter of my book.... if you wanna read a portion of it email me:


Nic said...

Do I coun't as a blog friend? Hope so, cause I'm nosey, and excited to read what you've written.
I will wait for a reply here before playin' myself w/ the email.

If not...that's cool. I'll be more then satisfied with picture of the gum box, lol!

Monie said...

LOL @ Nic! Email sent!

Sha Boogie said...

LOL @ real blog friends, he-larious! Uhmm..Vegas will make you gain weight just from looking at the food at all them buffets, hot darn!!

Jane said...

Come on now Nic!!! of course! What's your email?


hey girl! i would love to read it. Hope i count as a friend. email:elle4_u@yahoo.com :)