Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Five Random Cell phone Pics...

At the request of the LOVELY and awesomely stupendous...MONIE ....These are my 5 random cell phone pictures....

Help! Somebody buy me a new TV for my bedroom!!!!

I like to doodle. I make and take over 200 calls a day. This is what I do while on hold. It was done over two weeks.

Our corny ass boss asked us to write out for him what we wanted to do with the extra $ we're going to make from our March promotion; when we got to work today these silly flyers were posted on everyone's cubicle to "illustrate" what we want to do with our $..... Apparently I want to bleach my skin, dye my hair blonde and get green contacts.

This is my computer at my cubicle. Yep, I'm a trinket girl!1. My #1 Mom Frame given to me by my daughter for mother's day last year. 2. My pink bear given to me by one of my student 3. My liberty bell pencil sharpener.4. My daughter's school picture....she looks 20 years old. 5. My hello Kitty Stamp!! I LOVE Hello Kitty!!!6. My Canadian penny. One Canadian penny is worth about the same as one penny American. LOL. 7. My Red Lips eraser my nephew gave me for Valentine's day. I'm his Valentine. 8. My Rubic's cube, for those days when I don't feel like doodling. 9. My Fifty cents...for snackums from the vending machine. 10. My heart shaped thingy. There's some change and a condom in there. Just in case.

This my daughter. She's a funky dope fresh singer/actress....whatcha know bout it?


Nina said...


U got doodle-skills!!!

Nic said...

Photo #....

1.I thought I was the only one who did things like that. Usually though instead of a tv. I’d be pinching someones head.

2.That’s more than just a doodle girl.

3.You know I’m signing up for that shit, lol!

4.My desk is bare :( I have no life, and no kids. Nothing to keep me motivated but free online movies.

5.Prince and the NPG!

Luv’d it !

Just A Girl From L.A. said...

Love your trinkets!!!

Sha Boogie said... I don't feel so bad about having tons of crazy, randoms pieces around my computer!


a condom ? get the fuck outta here lol

Monie said...

lmaooooooooooo @ the TV pic!