Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hot Damn I'm back in business....

It seems that when I use my yahoo browser I have NO problems but when I use internet explorer it gives me issues...I dunno.... Like I said before I gotta take into be looked at but in the mean while....

Aiight so, I don't have much to blog about...yeah I do I'm just lazy now....I'm really feeling like writing since I read Monie's post about sneaking a boy in the house, I too have a similar story.

Umm.... yeah so what I'll do is post this quiz that I stole months ago filled out but never posted.... then another time I'll post some good... HA.

Accent- My favorite accent to listen to is Southern men. There’s this old movie (maybe not that old, but definitely not new) movie with Omar Epps and he plays a prisoner that saves a town with sandbags…it might’ve been a HBO movie. But in that movie Omar Epps character has a southern accent. Sighh…. It was so dreamy….

Drinking – I do drink. I enjoy it. Profusely.

Chore I Hate – Washing dishes and taking out the trash, those are the absolute worst chores ever. I hate them with a disdain greater than any I know…. I do have a dish washer now.

Pets –I don’t have any right now, but my first pet was a Yorkie. His name was Beastie. Essential

Electronic – None. I barely have a cellphone. I guess the most important would be the television. There's another that I love but I won't mention it here....haha

Perfume/Cologne- None. I’m allergic to everything. I do like this lotion that a friend of mine brought me from Hawaii, I wish it had a perfume with it.

Gold or silver – Silver. It looks good on chocolate girls.

Insomnia – I am a definite sufferer.

Job Title – Inside Sales Consultant/Analyst

Most Admired Trait –My smile and massive intelligence (syck!)

Kids –My one little girl, is completely perfect! I love her. I wish I could have one more little girl but I need a husband first. Sigh… My plan is that I have to have one before I turn 30 or I ain’t having no more. That seems to be the case; because, I’m 26 and I’m not even in a steady relationship…So, prolly no more sucklings coming outta me.

Religion – I am a Christian woman. I am also a sinner. I struggle with myself about my relationship with Christ and how I should behave to apease him. I am told that that’s what Christianity is about though.

Siblings – I have an older sister, who is more like a younger sister. We share the same mother. I have a step brother Ta, who I have not spoken to since my stepfather died. I have a younger sister, Cash and older brother Ramirez, we share the same father I've never met either of them. And a step sister named Trouble, she lives in Detroit. So I only really claim my bigsis.

Time I wake up – 6:50am

Unusual talent/skill – I have the memory of a 80 year old elephant… I can still remember my best friend from 6th grades birthday. (ok, that doesn’t count because we’re still friends)

Vegetable I refuse to eat –Peas. They’re stupid an ugly and no one should have to suffer through their taste.

Worst habit – I am a procrastinator to the fifth level of procrastination..

X-rays – I’ve had two in my whole life. Ultrasounds don't count as X-rays, huh?
1. I broke my right arm when I was 4 and a half. I was running from my cousin and fell in a hole where the gas company had been digging holes in our backyard
2. When I was five months pregnant I broke my ankle.

My favorite meal- Cheese enchiladas in white sauce.

Love yous guys.


Monie said...

LOL I wanna hear your sneaking story.

Philly's Andrea said...

So glad your back. Get that computer fixed so we can get some real post!lol

You killing me with this word verification.