Tuesday, December 25, 2007

To Scrooge or not to Scrooge...

Monday- Work…

My plan was to take MY’s bike (that Santa brought her) to the bike shop around the corner to be put together go over my sister’s and bake cookies and in the morning drive out to my aunt’s in Lancaster. But I spoke with my sister and she told me that she’s not baking cookies any more she’s going out to my uncles in Fontana. So I figured I’d go out to my uncles in Fontana and forget about my aunt’s in Lancaster.

SOOOO, I decided to drive all the way out to Fontana (one hour and 15 minutes) to my crazy uncle Wiz's house.

My aunt from Lancaster, that I used to say is becoming the family drunk but now I know is officially the family drunk, was there. She was drunk. As soon as I walked in the door, she tells me “J you’re fat. Yeah you’re getting fat.” I say “No I’m not. I’m the same 140 pounds that I’ve weighed all year long.” My fat drunk aunt starts yelling “no, you’re fat. You know what, you must be pregnant.” I say “unless there’s such a thing as instant pregnant I’m not pregnant.” She begins going on and on in a five minute dissertation on how fat she thinks I am. I got so fucken angry. I tried ignoring her but I couldn’t. I ended up having to tell her to “stop talking to me.” I would have went home but my uncle (fat auntie's husband) was sitting on my jacket. My crazy uncle wiz, ended up telling my fat drunk aunt that she needed to shut up or else he’d put her ass out of his house.

I sang a round of karaoke with my sister and crazy uncle wiz. Then I had to leave. Had to get away from my fat drunk aunt who keep tryna continue talking to me after I told her to leave me the hell alone.

Today- MY and I woke up around 9 and opened the gifts.

I had tried putting My’s bike together myself, late last night early this morning, but I wasn’t strong enough to unscrew the handlebars so I ended up funken up the nut that screws on, so the whole bike is together cept the handlebars.

My plan for the day was to stay home and get someone to fix her bike so that she could she ride it and I could lay on the couch and watch movies after I took my daughter by her dad’s people.

My sister again and her boyfriend invited us to go to his dad’s house. I turned them down. They called back and asked us to come with them again. I figured “hey why not, get some food” I asked what time, they tell me 4. My sisters boyfriend says he’ll come fix mya’s handlebars on the way to his dad’s, I say ok.
I take My to her dad’s grandmother’s house to get gifts from his family…. Oh… have I got a story to tell about my ragedy ass baby daddy. At his grandmother’s house, of whom he’s not invited to, all of his damn cousins are there. All are now married. All have brand new babies and cars. Sighhhh.

Well we stay for just a minute because we’re supposed to go to my sisters boyfriends fathers’ house at 4 and it was 3:30.
SO we rush home to meet up wit my sisters boyfriend so that he can fix My’s bike. He says that I messed up the outside of the nut and that he has to use another type of tool to fix the bike. So he’d have to take it and bring it to me tomorrow. He then says that he still has to go home get dressed go back to my sisters and then go to his parents.
I ponder on whether I should just stay home, like I planned, but I convinced myself to go. At 5:30 my sister calls me to say they’re leaving to go his dad’s (one and a half hours late) So, I say ok, are you guys still coming here first so that I can follow you like we planned. She says oh just meet us there. I write down the address, then she says oh, my cellphone isn’t working so use my boyfriends. I hate bootleg shit...

I get to the house of the home of people I do not know on Christmas and I call my sister’s boyfriends phone and he does not answer. So I now have to go to the door of the house that I’ve never been to. A man I’ve never met opens the door.
I say, we’re friends of my sisters boyfriend and the dad is looking at s like ok and…. He says ok then what’s your name? I say Jen. He lets us in we’re just standing there finally my sister’s boyfriend comes out. Everyone’s just standing there I say hello and no one really reacts. I say where’s my sister? And he says oh, she’s in the other room. I go into the other room say hello, no one really responds. I go to where my sister is sitting and I tell her that I don’t appreciate the bootleggedness of this all. She laughs.
Then her boyfriend, keys in hand, says “come lets go.” I’m already feeling like I shouldn’t be there and then they tell me they are leaving. My sister tries to straighten it out with the I’m just going around the corner crap. I call my nephew and ask him to get MY for me. My sister and her boyfriend then begin fixing us plates and trying to convince us to stay. I was so pissed I didn’t even want anything to eat. Matter of fact I shouldn’t even went. I was really angry and just wanted to go home. And that’s what I did.

Now, I’m home eating chocolate cake and drinking hot cocoa. I need to remind myself to do only what I want to do.

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Philly's Andrea said...

Ohhh. Yeah. I would have been pissed too.