Monday, December 24, 2007

Life. I wonder, will it take me under?

Wednesday- Took MY to her god mothers out in Monrovia. Came home, took a long steaming hot shower and feel asleep.

Thursday- Shop, Shop, Shop.

Friday- Went out with my home girl Stace and K to this bar in the Valley. We had a ball. Afterwards Stace and I went to Denny’s and ate. I met this guy named Kevin. He asked me for my number, but I think he didn’t really store it in his phone.

Saturday- Shopped. Met a guy at Biglots. Picked up MY. Came home and slept.

Sunday-I had a Christmas Party. SO MUCH FUN !! There were at least 30 people there. It was too fun. We ate, drank and played games and watched I am Legend on bootleg, that movie is the shit. I am going to see it at the movies. Barbershop came. He looked very handsome. I went into MY’s room and came out to over hear him talking to a friend of mine about me. It made me like him more. The way he told her that he was “hooked” made me smile. It was very sweet. He stayed the night. A few other, overly inebriated people did as well.

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