Saturday, December 15, 2007

Aiight so...I normally just say things like " I brought the new so-and-so cd, go pick it up it's hot"; but today I am going to inform you (as if you already don't know) of a CD that I am completely addicted to....just brought it three days ago and I'm telling you it is ridiculous. I mean if you love R,Kellyesque type music you have to, must, better cop The Dream's new album I'm telling you its fukkin nuts!

If you're into alternative music check out my friends Adorable Addicts... they're quite hot!

Why is R.Kelly still the shit? The Double Up tour? OMG! And Why, please tell me Why did I get to introd=uce my self to him at the Whistle Stop in the fourm last night? Yes! and Why does he have the must prettiest smile that I have ever seen? Why didn't have enough courage to say what I needed to say? Why did I just stand and smile as Bigsis and Yaz did the talking? I excepted thehug though.....If you been reading for a while you know his head security gaurd has a thang for my she had to text him to see what was what on the way there last night...just know it was another night of magic in my land.

I'm tired. Didn't get home from last night until just now. Yes it is 7pm Saturday and I left 6pm on Friday....nevermind where I been...where you at?

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