Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"so, i like what i see when i'm looking at me when i'm walking pass the mirror"

isn't that just the best line out of a song in all 2007? i'ma make that my theme song for the first part of 2008 ("living my life like it's golden" by jill scott and "real love" by mary j. blige were the themes for 2007).

any who...back to my lists.... that i've grown to love so much.

1. since when is 33 an age to die of natural causes? i don't know about the rest of the country but the news is putting it on blast that pimp c died... everytime i turn on the news i hear serious newscasters speaking to a soundtrack of "big pimpin"

2. i got a fucken red-light camera ticket. now please tell me why is it $381? where is that money going to come from? i refuse to use my christmas bonus on a damn ticket!

3. one of my customers refuses to call me by my name he will only call me "donald".... i have the voice of mechl'le and he's calling me prolly already know english is his second language.

4. fls, baby momma need to be slapped. i know they had drama in the past... but shit girl, let the man see his son. the judge ordered that she must fly the boy out here every other weekend. he know that aint happening. they both prolly gon go broke.... sigh.

5. my daughter's father (i refuse, i'm pretty defiant today, to say baby daddy...this time) called my five year old daughter the morning of her birthday to say "oh, daddy ordered your shoes late so they won't be ready till next week." (I wish yall could hear the voice i use when i'm imitating him...hilarious!) MY says "oooohhhh, not againnnnn daddy... nex week is not my birfday." then she hung up the phone. ha! i didn't have to get on the phone...i think she handled it pretty damn well if you asked me.

6. i don't have cable; but my daughter's god mother brought her a tv for her birthday. my daughter came to me the other night pissed off cause she couldn't understand why we didn't have more channels. i told her "mommy can't afford more channels" thinking she'd skip over the meaning of "afford". she tells me "mommy, we got to get you some money." ha! the kid is gold!

7. my hair needs to be done. i'm still fine though. it's just dryyyyy like the dessert sands...

8. my job allows us to buy over-the-counter products and medical devices and such through our ordering system for wholesale price (I just brought 48 rolls of toliet paper for $10) and then takes it out of our checks a little at a time (like 20 a check). i'm thinking everyone on my christmas list is going to be getting products from our catalog:
-grandma- a new folding cane with roses on it and a flashlight at the bottom
- step dad- a new sleep apnea machine
-bigsis- a new stethescope (she's in school to be an rn)
-MY's teacher- a humidifer (they're on sale for 1.25)
lol.... ha!

9. i talked to crazyc, i put this at the bottom at the hopes no one would read this far and see that i slipped back...told yall he's like a crack addiction, we chatted a bit about things. told him i wasn't happy and that he need to "straighten up and fly right". he came by and we talked more. why did i let him in my door? why lord? pray about it for me... he's not got change. he's still him. so pray that god can change me. make me want somehting elese. crazyc will always be the asshole to end all assholes.... why is that so funny to me?

10. i was in a rush this morning, had to take my shower throw on my clothes and run. when i got home and took off my boots, why are my legs so ashy they look like i been jumpin in flour all day? like i just got off a plane from africa?

11. this weather out here is damn fool... 82 degrees in the day and 42 at night don't make not damn sense.

12. im not one to let stress affect my body...but my feet are swollen, i got the gas, skin is dry and my back hurts (sounds like pregnancy huh? naw, that's not'd be a damn crazy fool if that was it. be making appointments at medical buildings that have protestors out side, if that was it. i can't pay a ticket how am i gon support another kid... that's the reason I pop a Orthotricyclen Lo everymorning at 845 and if i do get a little somethin somethin happening- i supply the contraceptives (crazyc been tryna make a little boy wit me for years... and aint no body trappin me) humph! humping or not ain't tryna hav no lil people growing in me!...I must've touched a sore spot because i'm way off subject...forget. must've not been too important.

13. saw my home boy brandon adams at the ladera ctr. still thinking he fly. had to give him the "you-ain't-been-fly-since-you-made-that-movie-people-under-the-stairs-or-imitated-michael-jackson-in-the-i'm-bad-video" look. when we were in high school, this fool paid extra money every month so his number could have double 0-7 in it...retart.

14. santa claus is coming, so you better be nice...he's sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake....for goodness sake! he's a perv...

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