Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pink panties.

So yesterday was my daugther's slumber party. Talk about fun? We had a damn ball. I decorated the living room to look like a castle (via wall decals from Party City). Everyone wore crowns and princess attire (including mommies).
We ate pizza and chips. Drank juice and water. They did a fashion show with threeoutfit changes...of course big sis participated. There was some free dance which we "got low" with it. We did happy birthday with a beautiful pink and purple cake. We polish toes and fingers. We did make up on little adorable faces. We took top model pictures in front of the castle decals. I popped popcorn and put them in individual popcorn bags. put glow in the dark bracelets on everyone, turned the lights out and watched princess movies.

Once the girls were settled I prepared pink panties (gin, frozen pink lemonade, whip cream, vanilla ice cream blended). EVeryone...including the girls, was knocked out in minutes.

This morning we went out to Ihop and had breakfast in our pajamas and crowns. All the servers were simple enticed by the girls. They sang happy birthday to my daughter and she knew she was the center of attention. Another little girl had was having a birthday breakfast with her dad (who was fizine...I might add) so the girls went over to wish her a birthday.... I saw a friend of mine and she put $10 on their breakfast. They came home, brushed teeth, washed faces and got dressed. They played until moms arrived and I'm telling you we had too much fun.

I am so tired! I just poured myself a pink pantie answered some emails and I'm feeling goooood....real good. lol....
Hope the Blogger world had a good weekend.

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Monie said...

Awwwww, that sounds like TOO much fun!