Tuesday, January 01, 2008

4 days, 3 men

Saturday morning MY's godparents called and told me they were taking their kids to see the snow and wanted to know if MY could come along. SO, I bundled her up and took her out there.

Once I got home I washed and permed my hair. It feels so good to have clean hair doesn't it? Something about it makes me feel so free...

Anyways, babershop invited me over for dinner and a movie.
We watched some flick called Waters Risisng or something like that. It was about these gangstas in Louisiana and how they were going back and forth killing each other over drugs and stuff...then hurricane katrina hit and they were all working at Walmart...lol. WE ordered chinese and drank a little brandy (left over frommy holiday party)

The more time i spend with babershop the more I like him Something about the way he looks at me that makes me like him. And he doesnt try to hump on me, you know? On the other hand...it's just something about him I don't quite trust yet. I can put my finger on it....but I'ma figure it out.

Sunday I went to church...service was jammin.

Sunday afternoon, me, kinkos and mon (my pathological liar homegirl) went out to the Meat Market ( Cali folks know I'm talking about Fridays). Well, we're there looking and feeling fly. Some guy comes up to me and says "my friend asked me to give you his number" I say "and we're in the 3rd grade?" he says "no, he's here with his female friend and he doesn't want to disrespect her." See ladies...this the type of shit our men homeboys help them do...cheat right in our face. I must've went off on him something terrible.

We left there on a mission to find a club....we ended up at Gabah. It was hip hop night and It was whack...but there's a rinkety old pool table that we gave some use to.

Monday morning I had to work. I was in my cubicle hung over like I don't know what. I'm just glad we weren't busy.

All day Monday, I had spoken to my home girls K and Kinkos about going out...do you know both these heffas started going dumb on me when it was time to start getting dressed?
Well, I figured that I just plan to go out no matter what. Even if it was by myself.

As I was calling around tryna see who was going where. Crazyc called me and said he was coming by.... mind you I "broke up" with him a week before thanksgiving. and having been trying to end this cold turkey. SO I said sure. Figured this is one of the things I can purge from my life in 2008.

He came by and we talked. I told him how I was done. didn't want to do it no more. tired of the retartedness that is our relationship.... and what did he do? kiss me. Not like a one last kiss type kiss...like a I'll-kiss-her-and-she'll-shut-the-hell-up type kiss. I tell him "Crazyc I'm serious. This relationship has to end." He says..."I'll see you later."

Babershop, claims he had to "work", doing security at some club he invited me too... but that didn't sound truthful to me for some reason. K completely ditched me...I still don't know what happened to her. And Kinkos whas on some bullshit about she spent all her money the night before. Martinez didn't have a babysitter. Stace didn't have a baby sitter. Studios at home with her dude and her baby growing in her belly. Mon( my pathological liar homegirl) didn't have no money. Flores had to work. The guy I met at Biglots a few weeks ago invited me out but I declined.

Crazyc asked me where we were going I told him Gabah...since I know the DJ and I'd prolly ride for free. He said they (him and his croonies) were going there too. This tidbit of info made Gabah less inviting. I have to stay away from him not find ways to hang out with him.

Once crazyc was gone, NDN called me and told me to meet her at this other underground club at 1030. so I got dressed, picked up Mon( my pathological liar homegirl) from work (she got off at 930 and would have had to take the bus) dropped her off at home. Then headed out to the club.

I got there to find out it was eighteeen and older... sigh. Went inside. Straight to the VIP. Saw a few friends....felt a little weird that I was by my self, but seeing folks I know cheered me up. Do you know NDN didn't get there until 1230...yes! after new years had been rung in and when she got there, she was with her on again off again baby daddy....so basically I went to the club by myself on new years... I feel like such a sap. I ended up leaving around 130. everyone was kissing and coupled up and I was feeling real looser like. So, I stopped at Popeye's and went home.

So sad?

Such a waste of a cute out fit... And yes yall i was fly!. Black tunic dress with rinestone detail at the top... black tights black knee high boots.... shut up!

Today...I woke up feeling worried. I don't know just a sense of pending dome is upon me. Not a sadness just a little worry.

I had spoke to Flores last week, about hanging out with him today. So I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. He says " you dressed?" I looked down at myself still in my black tunic dress tights half way down sprawled out on the bed. make smeared. hair now in an afro. and I cooly respond "yes" He says "I'm on my way to your house." I say "ok." I hopped up got dressed put on make up did the hair.

It takes him an hour to get here. I was dressed, house was clean and neat.
He rings the doorbell, he was lookin so damn fine... He had on a grey thermal shirt, a black shirt under it, dark jeans and black tennis shoes. Black sunglasses. That puerto rican skin was looking fine.... he had a half smoked cigarette in one hand and suitcase luis vitton bag in the other.... I open the door and he says "Baby! " He puts his bag down and hugged me. "Put on some shoes, let's eat."

We went down the street to this Mexican Resturant on Sepulveda.... We went in his red car! Yeahhhhh! I love the red car! I don't know what kind of car it is but it always makes me so happy when I see it. He had the top down... even though it was cold as a bitch. The top being down made me happy. We ate. It made me happy to eat with him as always.

We went back to my house, sat on the couch to talk. He wiped off my lipstick (as always). Then he checked out my hair.. Then he tells me that my face is getting fat. It's official: I'm a hippotamus now at 144 pounds.... so my resolution this year is to loose at least 20 lbs.

We laid on my couch talking and watching daytime television, like I wish we coul do everyday. Eating "One-Bite Walnut Brownies" from the bakery. sigh.... But my vacation from reality was short lived he had to go to work at 2.

I went and picked My up, took her to Shakey's. I Came home and watched cartoon movies with her. Talked to Biglots for about two hours...he's a talkative little man.

Flores just texted me "What a beautiful start to 2008" sigh....


Monie said...

Wait...when did we hear about Flores?

Anywho, we needs pics of these guys, Jen! LOL!

Jenny said...

sorry monie... I tend to go back n forth between calling him fls and flores...

I wouldn't want anyone posting my pic on the website so I won't do it to him but if...ya want to see I'll email them to you....

Monie said...

LOL! Sweet. To get access to the "other" blog email me at mmurphy@bw.edu so I can send you the invite. Yes, you are a regular. LOL!