Sunday, November 25, 2007

so what's up with me?

nada just living and learning...

How was yalls thanksgiving? Mine was cool Took My to see Enchanted at the El capitan theater. It was called the Enchanted experience. All the Disney princesses were there. They put makeup on them let them get dressed in princess dresses... it was nice. Then we went to my aunts, the one that I am her namesake not the one who's became an alcoholic, it was jammin on the one! the food was off chain.

I been Crazyc free, going on two weeks. I feel like I'm trying to quit crack. I had withdrawls the whole first week and now I still get twitches every now and then but I'm just taking it one day at a time. I've been ignoring the hell out of his "feeling on your bootie" ringtone on my cell. It's best that I just not even be around him. sighhhh...

barbershop, yeah the guy that insists that him being at the movies with his son's mother holding her hand wasn't a date....calls me on a consistent basis. I was hoping that one day he would realize that I never call him and he'd just stop calling don't work that way, huh? so I'll prolly have to end up cussing him out...damn it...why do I always have to resort to cussing folks out?

my last thought reminded me of a cute little website I found that cracks me the hell up:

My homegirl Studios is pregnant. Pretty exciting event.

My, my daughter's slumber party is next weekend pray for me yall. 10 4 to 5 year olds.

There's this burrito spot up the street that My and I walk over to on the weekends. Well, we walked over there yesterday and as we were coming out of there I saw Ayn, one of my sorrority sisters that I wrote a post about her name many years ago that I'm too lazy to link right now, She and I sat and chatted it up a bit.

Once I really I started to walk home and was interuppted by a jean-cd-dvd-iphone-flatscreen tv hustla coming out of the nail shop.

After he ran down his list of most likely stolen items to me that he was selling and I told him no at each, even though a $300 flat screen sounds good. He asked me if I went to XYZ high school. I rolled my eyes and shook my head yes. I he says "I went there too." I say "really?" and try to recognize his face. Which is stupid because I never remember anyone! I mean family friends, people i met one. I have theWORST facial recognition memory ever. Then he says "I remember you. You hung out with the twins, a light skin smart chic and that other girl "E"" I raised my eyebrows at him, like wow you remember all of that from like twelve years ago (when I was a freshman).

He says "you know me?" I look at him. He's real dark skin, sorta like he used to not be darkskin but his life has been so grimmey that he just got darker. Now, don't tell me you don't know what I mean? You know how crackmongers just somehow begin to turn dark once they start smoking regularly.. well that's the type of tan he had... a crackmongers tan. He had a little belly gut and his hands looked a little flakey. Maybe psoriasis...maybe just a hardknock life. I laughed because I had all these thoughts in about five seconds of looking him over. I say "no.."He says I'm "R".

He says the nickname of one of the finest damn men I remeber in my lifetime. When I was a freshman, there were some beautiful specimens walking those halls. But he was the finest. Tall medium chocolate gorgeous smile. I mean this man could've made your panties melt off just by thinking about them. He was beautiful. I mean, he was the entire reason I went to gym class my freshman year. So that I could watch him practice basketball. I must've had my mouth open in awe or a look of what-the-fuck on my face because he says "I changed huh?" I said "yeah, I mean no you just grew up." Grew up into a yuckmouth. I say "You remeber me?" He shakes his head yes. I say "why?". He says "you were a little cutie then". I shook my head yeah and thought to myself, I was. He says "You still look pretty fly now..." Fly? Really? I say "thanks" begin to walk away. that was it.

How could he just loose his glow like that?

anyways...I need to go do the laundry and visit my uncle to see what he can do with my brakes cause they sound like a train tryna stop.


thee modern isis said...

lmao I'll pray for you and hope that you don't either try to run away or driven insane with all those kids at the slumber party.

I hate when you see someone that USED to be fine when you were younger and now they look like T.yrone Biggums or K-Ci.. which is pretty much the same.

lol@ feeling on your booty ringtone. You should do like I do.. I change their name to "Don't you answer this damn phone" in my phone book.

good luck girl.

Monie said...

lmfao @ crackmonger's tan.

There are a few dudes I know who used to be the shit and are now just...shit.

Jenny said...

@ thee modern isis: I changed his name in my cell to "hesnevagonnachange"

LOL @ monie...