Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Its been a week. I ain't wrote in a whole week. Haven't really felt inspired though...

I love my job and yet in the same breath I hate it. Why do you ask? Well here are the factors that come in to play-

Let's start with my co workers. They drive me nuts; yet it's hilarous to listen to from inside of my cubicle-

Fluff and Puff- loud, highly aggressive, irritating, "yag". too busy doing the side hustle at work to do work at work.

Chardonnay- whines all day long. complains so much i want to peel my eyelids off. yet can at times be friendly with me.

Haternation- complains, whines, and is obbessively jealous of every one and everything. must take "pills" to survive the entire day. i avoid this wrinkled mess at all costs.

static- loud, hyper, obnoxius. one day we are going to fight. its inevitable. makes slighted racial comments and should also be on "pills" but isn't

mumbles- i don't know, doesn't speak..

sinus headache- sweet, charming. prolly a little two faced. bathes in perfume twice daily.

minnie- speaks slighty over a whisper and is simply cute as a button.

grace- reminds me of my old secretary. the only one i would like to hang out with outside of work.

the management:
shaqattack- I'm mad right now prolly not a good time to discuss....

the customers:
Some I love they are polite and curteous and truely lovely people. On the other hand there are some that I can't believe are responsible for giving out medications. I wonder how some are even able to get to work every day. Let's just say they are not all bright. I know everyone saw on the news about the actor whose twin babies were given the wrong medication, well...I'm not one to gossip but....That hospital is located in Southern Cali and my company does service all of Southern Cali and there is only 5 major generic drug suppliers in the entire United states. well you do the math...

my lack of experience at this job:
I hate being new at anything. I make mistakes. Mistakes frustrate me. I am extremely critical of myself when if comes to doing my job. I like to do well at my job. If I am not doing well at my job, what is the point of doing it. I don't feel like I am performing at optimal performance. the consequence? I'm starting to dislike what I do.

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