Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Skipping through the tulips...still

Mr. Wonderful is such a great guy. I absolutely am head over heels for this guy. He is god kissed and from a whole other bread of man. Where did he come from?

Have you ever been in that space with some one? I am really trying to figure out…where did he come from? Seriously, where has he been?

We live so close to each other. And I've never seen him. He works on the same street that I live on and I've never met him.

It must’ve been in God’s plan that we met when we did.
I know that later on down the line my opinion of him may change but God knows that I don’t want it to.

3/16 Mr. Wonderful had a Union meeting to go to and it was canceled so he was off of work so he came to my job to have lunch with me at this Mexican food restaurant. As I sat across from him I realized he’s beautiful. That little gap in his teeth, his non-pierced ears, his perfectly structured abs, his creamy brown skin, even those “Chinese-y” (I just made that up…I usually say ‘Chiney’…but I figured no one would now what I was talking about) eyes. Sigh. I have the biggest smile now.

3/18 He came by and we watched “The 40 year old Virgin”. He’d never seen it, he thought it was going to be stupid. Like stupid, stupid. But he ended up liking it. He finally kissed me this day. I mean really kissed me. Some good ole good-good kissing.

Last night Mr. Wonderful came by and we watched this (2001) Katt Williams DVD I brought “Let a playa Play”. That fool has no sense. He had me laughing so hard….please go pick it up, they have it at Target for 12.99- support this. The funniest mess is at the end when he did a whole skit on “bitch niggas”. Katt Williams is a true fool.

Mr. Wonderful and I laughed our asses off. We watched the news and laughed about that and contemplated why the hell does Byron Allen have a show. He didn’t want to leave and I didn’t want him to go, so we just keep finding more and more things to watch. I finally ended up falling asleep on his chest with his hands caressing my weave.

We woke up this morning on my couch to the sound on MY singing her “good morning” song (to her self in the mirror while she danced). I never let my daughter meet the guys I date so he had to rush off, while I sought to her needs. Just as he was leaving I poked my head out the door and with a scrunched up tussled head of hair said “have a good day” he came back and kissed my cheek with those sweet lips and smiled. Then he says “you’re unbelievable”. Sigh…..

What I love so much about him is that he wants to spend time with me. Not that most men have trouble spending time, he’s just like programmed different. I don’t have to ask him to do stuff. I don’t have to fit into his life. I mean we don’t have to go through this dance of deciding what to move around in our schedules, Jenny time is already scheduled in.
We haven’t humped yet. Now he shows me affection but we just haven’t humped. It’s good thing because I think we’d both be even more addicted to each other. We text message, email and talk on the phone. Sex would prolly put us over the edge.

Im fina be 26 in 5 weeks and 6 days yall. Watch out now….Cause I might hurt em with this birthday. Just kidding. I ain’t got no plans yet. Mr. Wonderful and I might go down to San Diego to Sea World. But I think he wants to do that like the second weekend in April. We’ll see.

Peace be unto you.


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You do know that no post is ever REALLY anonymous here on my site... right...?