Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm infatuated.

but isn't that just the story of my life? in love one day, out of love the next? well i'm going to unabashedly express the fact that i have met a great guy.

someone that made me turn down a call from catchacase aka the head master aka superhead. i turned it down and didn't feel a thing about it.

friday, was the twins (ambo and sony studios) birthday they went to the comedy club the truth is they get on my nerves from time to time and i just didn't feel like being bothered instead i went with mr.wonderful to the movies and to dinner he was so sweet. he gave me the cutest little kiss. it was lovely.

earlier in the week he and i went to the beach (redondo pier) and walked around a bit. he's nice guy. in the mist of all the craziness. sigh. i just want to enjoy this momment before i find out all the bad stuff. before his history refocuses my rose colored glasses.

the strangest thing happened friday. ricrocc e-mailed me and asked me if i knew roo. if you ain't been following my blog you don't know how crazy that is. my ex e-mailing me to ask me if i knew my other ex. it was so bizarre! i didn't lie, i wrote him back and said i knew him but that i hadn't talked to him in almost 2 years, i asked him why? and he never wrote me back. strange huh?

my ex's are having meetings on me. wouldn't that be funny? powerpoint presentations and shit? swapping stories about me. a little scary if you ask me.

well not much has been up with the j-ster. i've been working and schooling it up. i did see an apartment that i really liked yesterday hopefully everything will work out. its a two bedroom and lord knows i need a two bedroom.

that's really it not much else to report....
*new york told me the most boring story about a coach at the gym...i can't even remember what day it was. i haven't talked to him since.
*chunks hasn't called me and i haven't called him. we were supposed to go to the movies a few weeks back but when he called i let the answering machine get it.

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Danielle said...

Hello - I saw your page today and I wanted to introduce myself to you. I send notes to Ms. Write but I haven't heard from her in awhile. When you get a chance you can check out my page.

Since I'm living the single life right now it's nice to hear someone having fun going through the courting phase (thats when you get the most out of them)
Just hope everything stays straight.