Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Puzzle Pieces

First things first. All star weekend.
Just imagine, me and my homegirl, NDN, in a three bedroom corporate apartment at the Turnberry. http://www.lasvegashirisecondos.com/condos/turnberry-place.rub
(I tried to put in a link but I’m not to “net” savvy so Google that shit to see how phat we were living) It was too fun. NDN’s mom’ boyfriend’s company owns the apartment and the CEO let us stay there.
The lights turn on and off as you enter and exit each room, the room temperature adjusts to your body temperature, the TV comes out of the moving wall in the den and the balcony had a fantastic view of the strip. It was so fly!! The apartment came with a driver so we were some serious celebrities. The strip was too packed to drive anywhere, so he would drop us off and we’d put our feet to the pavement.
We started drinking at 7am on the airplane. So you know there was nothing but nonsense going down all day!
We didn’t end up going to any clubs. It was way TOO PACKED. We kicked it at the MGM, the Mirage and the Wynn. But we didn’t get in to any clubs so it ain’t much that took place. I will say that I love men. Because they were e’rywhere. Oh my, the men in Vegas were fine Feb 17 and 18th… Lord help me.
I saw the following celebrities: (besides myself) Usher, Rhianna, Reverend Run or whichever on is still alive…, Doug E Fresh and Pitbull. There was the most beautiful man alive, who was not a celebrity, he was so fine that he took me, my sister and NDN’s breath away just by asking how to get out of the mall.
Sunday, we decided to come home early, the hustle and bustle was just too much. Way too many folks for me.

The reggae club
We went from the airplane to the club.
Jamaican Gold, that is, yes with punk ass White Lightening. We needed to get some dancing done. I met two guys that night. One guy never called me, so he doesn’t count. The other guy lets call NewYork. We (NDN, her younger sister, twah, Nicole and some other dark skin chic) had such a fun time. I think I needed that to help me get my mojo back.

My real life.
Monday, I picked MY up and went to the movies to see “Norbit” We had a good ole time. The movie was funny. Marlon Waynans is an idiot.

The guy at Starbucks and I have been having a sweet subtle flirtation going on. Tuesday he finally decided to give me his number which if you’re a guy, you should know that most women hate that. Men should call first.. He’s a definite cutie.
Wednesday I went to Starbucks and he wasn’t there but everyone at the Starbucks knew he had given me his number. All of them were asking me if I’d call him and when was I going to and it was too much for me.
Wednesday night, I called and left him a message. He didn’t call back.
Friday morning I went to Starbucks and She was there. I smiled when I saw him and he smiled back; but right when I got to the counter, he switched with another guy and goes to the back and some one else took over. I frowned my face like “ok?”. When I went over to the “get your coffee side” he came out from the back with his regular clothes on (very cute). He walks tome and taps me on the shoulder and says “have a good day” and leaves. Confused? Me too. He still hadn’t called me.
Monday, I did not see Starbucks guy at the Starbucks, so I just gave up on him. I figured maybe he just wanted to see if I’d call or something weird like that.
Today, I went and he was doing the “get your coffee side” and he askes me “why you haven’t called me?” I said “I did and left a number, you never called me back.” He mumbled something and said “here write your number down”. He handed me a pen and paper, then he balled it up and put it in his pocket…so romantic huh?

Tuesday night on my way to dance class, I met this other guy we’ll call him Geek. He’s 35, no kids, never been married, is an air traffic controller. All those good qualities but he’s never been married or engaged worried me but he turned out to be very cool…over the phone.
Thursday, Geek invited me to dinner and a movie with him on Saturday. I accepted. Friday, was graduation for my students. My boss took us to the bar and out to dinner. I met another guy; let’s call him Stripe Shirt guy. He was great.
Saturday I went out with Geek. He is the most boring person on the face of the earth. I tried to kill myself just so that I wouldn’t have to hear him talk. We went out to eat at this really nice Sushi restaurant called Wolcano and to the movies. I will never see him again. He did bring me roses…so that was nice. We saw the Number 23. It was pretty good. The ending was not realistic in my eyes. I wouldn’t have done it. But I guess that’s just me.

New York
Once I got home from my dry ass date, at 10pm, NewYork called me and asked if I wanted to go to the IHOP. He and I got to IHOP about 12:30am. He is very cool. I was very laid back. I like his style. We attend the same church. But he’s sorta kinda like a little brother rather than anything else.
When I talked to him last night he told me that he’s never had a serious girlfriend. And that he knows one of my student’s…I gotsta letem go. Can’t eat where you shit, you know? Oh well.

My real life
Sunday, nothing happened. I just watched TV. Hung out with MY and did my “mommy” thing.

And that’s what my life has been like for the last month….Sorry no real posts in a while. I been reading my favorites but haven’t had a chance to interact….I gotta get into the swing of things again….
Oh , yeah. Kelis’ album…ain’t it the truth?

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Hey girl, glad to hear youve had a good time on your hiatus. Im just glad your reality blog is back - im getting tired of my usual blogs lol Woo HOoo on the man-nizing youve got going on over there. Hopefully one will catch and be normal eh? lol glad to see your back!