Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Christmas Vacay...

10% of the people born in Mexico live in the United States. Isn’t that a crazy statistic? I bet half of that 10% live in California.

How was yall’s Holiday? My holiday was beautiful.

CrazyC and I made up on Thursday…if that’s what they call it. I had a headache and he came over to help me get rid of it. He gave me a hot bubble bath, massage and a nice time to boot.

Friday I went to work and left work early and went and did a little shopping.

Saturday I went to my aunt’s house in Fontana, with my sister. We ate and played games (we are a game playing family). We left there about 9pm. Got home. Wrapped all my gifts.

Sunday I went to church. After church I called CrazyC to see if might want to go with me to my sister’s that evening, he said yes and to call him when I was done with shopping. SO I went to Toys R Us, Target, Sav-Ons and the 99 cent store (all in about and hour and fifteen minutes, yes I am a master shopper).

Once we got home I called Crazy C to see if he was going to come with me, he said yes. I told him that I would be ready in about thirty minutes and that I would call him when I was done. I finished getting dressed and cleaned the bathroom and called him. He didn’t answer, so I left a message telling him that I would be leaving in ten minutes so if he wanted to go for him to call me back before then. It was 6:30pm.

Do you know that this nigga didn’t all me back until 8pm?! And what the fuck was his excuse? “I had to get gas.” So he was getting gas from 6:30 to 8. I was sooo mad. Angry. Furious. I just hung up on him when he told me that stupid ass shit.

So we made cookies for Santa and drank brandy and eggnog and watched movies and laughed and giggled about just about nothing. When I got home, do you know that CrazyC did not call me?

Monday Morning, MY woke and she was Tooo happy! She was so excited. She said “thank you thank you thank you mommy for all my presents!” I could cry. She was so appreciative it was amazing that she was so thankful.

Her dad came over and she opened gifts with him. Then we got dressed and went to bigsis’s. Opened more gifts there. Bigsis brought me a Coach bag.

Then we left to Yas’s house. We ate food. Played games. Ate more food. Played more games. And went home.

At home, MY and I played with her toys. She was so happy.

CrazyC still didn’t call me. Flores called. Catchacase called. Bobby called (because he’s fucken out of his mind). But no CrazyC.

Tuesday, I laid in the bed all day. I didn’t make dinner until 9pm. I just was lazy and no one called to bother me.

This morning, I saw my stepbrother this morning. Believe it or not he recognized me. He walked up to me in Target and gave me a hug. He was never that type. Never the type to say hello if he knew you.

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Hey JEn! MErry Xmas - Its Crazychris's loss by the way. He dont know what he got - he sounds like he is one of those...

I had an ok Xmas, got what i wanted and then some!

Hope you have a great new year!