Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And the beat goes on…

New Year’s Eve. Need I say more?

I wore this cute little black corset and I must admit that I was somebody’s fine.

CrazyC called me while I was getting dressed to go out and instead of just saying that he wanted me to hang out with him he lead me in to this shallow ass conversation about what I would be doing for the night. I quickly and yet skillfully got off of the phone with him. As you’ve prolly read, we’ve been having issues at this point we had not dealt with them. We were just affording each other the nice-ities of…whatever this thing we’re involved in…

Kinko’s and I had decided to go to this spot in SanMo (Santa Monica for you non-Californians). I went with Kinko’s because Sonystudios has been held captive by this new boyfriend of hers and she had to work anyway .It was cool. Free drinks before ten, complimentary buffet, free champagne at midnight, nice crowd of people. Kinko’s and I fit in well.

I was swizel.

Uber drunk to the fifth drunktivity. I was slurring, drunk dialing (called CrazyC 8 times), threw-up in Kinko’s cup holder in her car, woke up at Asha’s house face done on her couch… Just nothing nice, nothing I would admit if I were to ever run for office.

Monday I went to lunch with Kinko’s, Big Sis, and a host of others. We had a good ole time at the Soup Plantation… Now if you know me, you know that I prolly had issues dining at a place with the last name “Plantation” but I broke down and ate there. If I was vegetarian I would have enjoyed it more.

After lunch, I called MY’s dad to see where they were so that I could pick her up; who, by the way, voluntarily offered to keep her for New Years Eve…which caused me to feel a bit apprehensive about making plans…you know he’s a backslider…. They were at his mom’s house; which is on a shady, might get carjacked kind of street. But he was being so persistent that I come pick her up that I hightailed it over there. I just feel like I rather her be with me, then with him when he’s acting like he can’t have her for more than a 24 hour period.

You tell me, please…Why when I picked up my baby did her trifling ass dad have the nerves to tell me “she has a fever.” I feel her head and neck and she is on fire. I mean her face looked all dark and she kept saying that her eyes were burning, prolly because they were baking inside of her head.

I say “did you give her the medicine that I put for her in her bag?” he says, “no” I say, “why?” he says, “well I tried to call you earlier; but you didn’t answer your phone.”

I gave him a look like “you fucking idiot.” What hell did that have to do with anything?

I say “put my daughter in the car.” He says “all of her stuff is at my house.” I pause and say “so why, number one, did you not bring her medicine with you? And why were you making it seem so urgent that I had to pick her up right away?”

He just shakes his head at me, like I was the one that was not making sense…he’s such a fucking Gump.

Then he says “I’m going to use my mom’s car (he doesn’t have a car anymore, apparently) to go to my house, get her stuff and then bring it to you” I say “Why couldn’t you just do that to bring her home?” His award winning answer was “Because I was over here.”

I know…don’t stress to hard over it. I don’t understand how or why that answer should or would make sense. I had sex with and made a baby with a dumb ass. Sigh…

Once at home, (I saw this black man run over this Mexican man on my way home…madness) mind you I had to stop and get MY a taco because she was starving, I settled in and crazyC calls.

From stupid to crazy.

As I’m talking to him, he’s acting all weird and not just I’m-a-Virgo-and-that’s-how-we-are-weird, really odd. He goes on to tell me that when I was drunk dialing him on New Year’s Eve; he could hear some guy trying to talk to me. And that made him think about our relationship and where it’s going and all this other caca! And he’s going on and on about just nothing! So I finally say “You’re saying all of this to say what to me C?” He says “I want us to be in a serious relationship.” I say “what do you think we’re in a pretend relationship.” He says “well we never really sat down and defined that what exactly we’re doing”.

I hate him. In a way he was right. No. He was right on point. So we sat down and had the “where is this relationship going” conversation. I fell for the trickery. We’re all happily ever after and shit…for now.

Oh yea. Yesterday I went to wash my car and guess who I see? Timmypoo (Sonystudio’s new boyfriend) in her car, getting her car washed. At first, I thought “How sweet.” Then when I spoke to him, he was acting a little on edge. He says to me “dang, I forgot you lived over here.” I frowned and he says “I just got off of work, just getting her car washed…you know how dirty she keeps it.” I shook my head yeah and he nervously went on his way….Very strange. Very strange indeed.

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