Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dear Anonymous,

I've had this converstation with several "ghost-posters" before. If you're going to feel the need to post such a vague post; you have to reveal your name. It's no fun if we can't go back and forth battling our view points. You type such a meaningless comment and don't give me a chance to respond; that's not fair. Why not leave your name?

Is it fear? Fear is of the devil and you've got to learn to handle it as such.

Searching random sites through Bloglines and posting "nigger" in the comments section isn't going to help heal your fear. At least if you wouldv'e left your name we couldv'e had some interesting dialouge and you could learn to work through your fear of intelligent successful Black people. That is my main issue with you and your comment, anonymous.

But since we're on the subject of niggers; lets discuss it a little bit.

Now for a time in my life, I lived in South Carolina. One of the most prejudice states in our country. A place where Jim Crow Law signs are still up and good ole boys sport conferate flags on their faded t-shirts in church. A place where it's obvious that Black people have to claw their way to the top of the tank while being beaten by an angry chef in an all white uniform.

From my time in So. Carlonia I learned many things. One thing I've learned is that, I can respect a stupid ass racist who wears his beliefs on his sleave way more than a stupid ass racist that hides behind an anonymous post.

With a brazen in my face stupid ass racist, I know where I stand. I know they don't like me so I can deal with them on that level.

Now a stupid ass racist that chooses to lead a life of secret hatred is just sad. Having all that built up inside of you. How can you even focus? You're mad at me and I don't even know it! I'm living my life, paying my bills, smiling and enjoying the benefits of being alive. And I don't even know who you are!

How is that effective? You've got to work on your ability to dessiminate your information if you're going to spread your message of hate! Take a communications or marketing/public relations class; maybe that would help...

Don't you know that you and your kind are the minority?
In your garages and basements, all dolled up for each other, spitting out how much you hate us. Hiding your hate in those basements; because, you know when you get to work tommorow at the Walmart you'll have to answer to your hiphop nigger boss. It's a shame and a sad thought for you isn't it? You feel defeated, don't you? You feel succumbed with the anxiety that the only thing you have control over is your fingers behind that keyboard of yours.

I know I'm wasting my precious life energy posting this. I know that it's too late for you and you're probably can't even understand the amount of sincere empathy I posses for you. I fear for your children and the world they will grow up in.

I am challenged by the fact that you sat in Monterey Park, California trying to figure out, "hmmmm how can I express my ignorance today?". You visited my page twice. You saw my blog title and decided to stop.

Tell me anonymous, what happened the first time? Did you chicken out at the last minute? What went through your head in that momment? And what made you change your mind? I imagine a thought like, "I've got it! I'll go back and post 'nigger' anonymously on her page and that'll teach her...That'll make her cast aside her evil nigger ways!"

Your a genius IP Adress #69.237.24..!! How did you know that that sly comment would help me to see the light? How did you know that's all I needed to put me in my place?

Thanks! You'll remain in my prayers.

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