Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No good, very bad, $500 day

Tuesday. I wake up and get myself and MY dressed. Sonystudios (who by the way has moved back from South Jersey..has been in Cali for 6 days has a two bedroom apartment for 800 a month, 2 jobs and is about to buy a bar...heffa) got to my house around 7:40 am. She took me to drop My off at school.

We headed to the damn Police station (and if you know me you know how much I hate the damn police..I almost threw up). I got the release to take paper work out of the car.

Off to the towing company to take the info out of the car.

Then to the DMV. It actually wasn't as bad as it has been. About an hour. Sony and I got to catch up on some old and new times. We saw a guy, Al, from high school and chatted it up with him a bit. Networked.

Then guess who I saw?! My damn daughter's father. Why the hell did he try to pretend like he didn't see me? Ole musty, tramp-ass, yellow, toothed, bastard!
I wasn't trippin off of it cause he's the one missing out on his daughter's life. I am there for her everyday.

My dearest friend sony,wasn't feeling my peaceful approach to the situation she immediately got pissed at his nonsense. She made sure to bust out a loud:

"HAROLD JOHNSON!!!, I know you punk ain't seen your daughter in awhile but you see me and your daughter's mother standing right here!"

The whole DMV section turned to look at his sorry ass. I just left.

I know he ain't shit so I don't expect shit from him.

We left the DMV and went back to the police station for another release form.

From the po-lice to the tow yard and WHY, WHY , WHY does my car not start?! The damn battery was low. The tow guy gave me a jump. I go to the auto zone so that they can test my battery..It was good.

I get home and I'm walking up to my apartment. The girl from down stairs (who thinks I'm f'ing her ole crusty ass looking boyfriend...who I have never said more than a reluctant "hi" to.) says to me "you're car is moving!"

I turn around and my damn car is rolling down the damn street. I run over to it and try to open the door (wrong key) and then some man, we'll call him superman, jumped out in front, put his hands on the hood of my car and stopped it from hitting another car.

I got back in the car and now for some reason you can take the key out without putting the car in park all the way.

I was/am so tired. I don't know what to do with myself. I can't leave work today until 7pm, I have a teacher scheduled to do a demo for me. And I swear I don't think I can't stay up any longer.


fahren said...

You crack me up every day. Makes my life seem like a parade at Disneyland.

Jenny said...

Honestly, I'm glad to know that. It makes me feel worth while.


Man, why is there always drama? Let me tell you life sure is full of surprises! Hey you think that somebody at the junkyard took ya car for a night out of partying and brough tit back? lol I would do it ...heheh anyways - maybe next year (which is right around the corner) will be better for everyone, because honestly this year has sucked balls......good luck - hope ya car feels better

jirzygurl said...

wow... bd really ain't poop. I have an ain't poop list... all the dudes who ain't poop! LOL! but on the real that is a true friend that put homie on blast in the dmv. that is def something one of my close friends would do!