Monday, October 09, 2006

Men like hoes in proffessional clothes?

Well Friday my daughter's father pulled the old "I know I said I was going to keep the baby but my job called. I have to work" bull shit again. I ain't never known Church's Chicken to be so damn demanding. But that's his story and he's sticking to it.

SO I had already made plans to go with the girls to the club. SO I called my evil grandma and asked her to watch my daughter for me. She said sure. Now evilgrandma lives in the "Jungles", If you're from LA you already know what that's about, The Jungles is an area that has like 4 billion apartment building is a span of like 20 blocks. There is never any where to park.

So I double parked. I ran in gave My to evil grandma and ran back out. Less then a minute. When I came out the police were there, telling me that my car was going to be impounded because the tags were past due. They told me that if the DMV was open I could pick up Saturday.

The DMV was not open. And Today is consisdered a Holiday.

I had to catch the bus today. Which I will never say I'm to good for. But catching the Bus in Los Angeles.... That is some SHIT!

I had to catch the bus to take MY to school. She thought it was fun. She was excited and told the bus driver "thank you". All was well. Then as we're getting off the bus this crack head got mad at this blind man for "moving too slow". Then she pushed him and rolled her suitecase over his foot. NO! I am not lying I couldn't dream such a thing up.

We got on our second bus. No problems. Got her to school 15 minutes early so I had to wait until her teacher got there and I signed her in.

Then I had to walk to the bus stop on FIGEROUA! Now, if you're from LA you know that figeroua is the Hoe Stroll. Not just the light weight hoe stroll. The lifetime University/Academy hoe stroll.

SO I'm standing on so and so place and Fig, waiting for the bus. To my right are two old school hoes. Teeny shorts halter tops, blonde weaves, Mr.T like bling, boas, clear bottom heels and shit. They're talking loud and looking for crackrock scraps on the ground, in front of this brightly colored hotel.

Just in front of me are two more hoes one in a bright neon pink spandex halter dress (where did she buy it?) and so silver clear heels and the other had on a tube top and a jean panties...I mean a skirt with white pat and leather boots. They were trying to pretend that they were catching the bus. Then the white booted one got a call on her chirp (which I could hear thier conversation all the way across the street). It must've been her pimp because you should have seen the way she high tailed it across the street (back to my side).

There were some guys to the left of me that must've been the pimps because they were sort of looking out for who went where.

My bus was to arrive a 8:22 and I got to my stop at 8:06 I had a long ass wait. I tripping thinking "Maybe I should start walking" then the thought of the two gator mouth hoes to the right of me crossed my mind.

Well after about five minutes a man rolled up on me in a white Cadillac, paused and smiled. I couldv'e fell out. Was he suggesting I was a hooker?...I had on full buisness, proffessional attire...(hence the title of the post) I was flabergasted.

Eventually my bus came and I got to work just fine. That'll learn me.


Ms. Write said...

Jenny!! I'm back. Girl, I was ROFLMAO at your post. I've got a brief post on my site, but I'll write more soon. Glad you are doing well.

Jenny said...

Girl you were MIA! I am so glad to see you're back in action!