Monday, September 11, 2006

oh wait the hell up.

one last thing I forgot to mention.
Catchacase and I hung out on 9/1 and he had mentioned to me something about his motorcycle club and thier myspace page. so last week friday (9/9) I was sitting at my desk and decided to look him up, why the hell does he have pictures of him a baby! I been off and on with this knuckle head for three years and he has pictures of him and a 4 month old baby on his myspace page....
funny stuff. huh?
I wouldn't be tripping if he would've said "Hey, I'm going to be having a baby with another girl" mainly because we don't get down like that...haven't in quite sometime now...I'm just trippin that I had to go on myspace to find out...bullshit.


Jules said...

Myspace reveals the truth.

Jenny said...

you know jules...I have to agree.