Thursday, September 14, 2006

My microwave tried to kill me this morning

I had just gotten out of the shower this morning, when I put a microwavable bowl of microwave oatmeal in the microwave this morning while I went to dry off and put on my 1950's day dress attire for our student appreciation day.

Well I'm rubbing on babyoil and suddenly I hear a sound that resembles a cat being ran over.

I run out to the kitchen (now completely nude..I dropped the towel) and my microwave is having a serious electric storm inside of it. I mean the lights are flashing and it's still howling like a tortured cat and I'm terrified. I'm standing, naked in the livingroom wondering whether or not to risk having the machine explode as I try to unplug it or should I just continue to stand there petrified.

I build-up all my courage and run into the kitchen and pull the cord out of the wall. The whole time covering my face just in case the machine explodes...I didn't want scars on my vain is that?! The microwave says "PUFFFF" and a cloud of black smoke appears from the back of the machine and I can smell smoke.

I open the door and my oatmeal is fine. I stood there shaking, sad because I was hungry (and it takes too damn long to make stove top oatmeal)and frightened by the thought of life without my microwave.

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